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Commission Archives

January 12-13 Commission Meeting Information

Administration and Election of Officers   Audio File

Budget Update   Audio File

Legislative Update   Audio File

Western South Dakota Shooting Sports Complex Update   Audio File

Go Outdoors Update   Audio File

New Staff Introductions   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Petition | Retrieval of Big Game in Walk-In Areas   Audio File

Petition | Butte County Canada Goose Season Extension   Audio File

Petition | Change Perch Limit to 10 Fish per Day   Audio File

Petition Resolutions   Audio File

Proposal | Firearms Changes to State Parks and Recreation Areas   Audio File

Proposal | Public Lands and Waters   Audio File

Proposal | Mountain Goat Season   Audio File

Proposals | Archery Antelope and Archery Deer   Audio File

Topic | First Day Hikes   Audio File

Topics | 2022 Volunteer Season Summary and Check Out SD Parks Program   Audio File

Topic | Custer State Park Resort Operation and Maintenance Reserve Update   Audio File

Action Item | Nest Predator Bounty Program Renewal and Youth Giveaway   Audio File

Action Item | Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan Adoption   Audio File

Action Items | Bighorn Sheep Auction License and Turkey Hunting Recruitment Licenses   Audio File

Topic | Oahe Fishery Update   Audio File

Topic | Habitat Stamp 3-Year Plan   Audio File

River Otter Season Summary   Audio File

Topic | License Sales Update and Solicitation of Agenda Items   Audio File