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Commission Archives

November 4-5 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Second Century Habitat Fund Board Update   Audio File

R3 and Education Plan Update   Audio File

Proposal | Public Waters, License Agent Processes, Camping Reservation Refund Policy   Audio File

Proposal: Public Waters

Proposal: License Agent Processes

Proposal: Camping Reservation Refund Policy

Topic | Spring Creek Concession Update   Audio File

Topic | Angostura and Shadehill Lease Rental Rates   Audio File

Topic | Volunteer Program Update   Audio File

Presentation: Volunteer Program Update

Topic | Capital Development Five Year Plan   Audio File

Presentation: Capital Development Five Year Plan

Topic | CSP Barnes Canyon Proposal and Revenue/Visitation Report   Audio File

Action Items | Boy Scout Property Purchase Resolution and GPA Disposal Resolution   Audio File

Topic | Deer Drawing Structure   Audio File

Presentation: Deer Drawing Structure

Topic | Fish Production Development Plan   Audio File

Presentation: Fish Production Development Plan

Big Sioux River CREP Update and Award Presentation   Audio File

Topic | Sage Grouse Action Plan   Audio File

Sage Grouse Action Plan

Topic | License Sales Update and Closing Remarks   Audio File