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September 1-2 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Topic | Rapid City Shooting Range   Audio File

Topic | Returned License Process   Audio File

Topic | Leadership Development Program   Audio File

Topic | Law Enforcement Section Update   Audio File

Public Hearing   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Fisheries Finalizations   Audio File

Proposals Finalized

July Proposals Not Passed

Finalization | Spring Turkey   Audio File

Finalization: Spring Turkey

Finalization | Mountain Lion Season   Audio File

Finalization: Mountain Lion

Proposal | Park Entrance License Sales Date   Audio File

Proposal: Annual Park Entrance License Sale Date

Proposals | Camping Fees   Audio File

Proposal: Camping Fees

Proposal | Modern Lodging Checkout Time   Audio File

Proposal: Modern Lodging Checkout Times

Action Item | Spring Creek Prospectus   Audio File

Topic | CSP Construction and Rally Update   Audio File

Topic | Palisades Update   Audio File

Topic | Recreational Trails Program Awards   Audio File

Action Item | Elk Management Action Plan   Audio File

Action Item | Elk Contingency Licenses   Audio File

Topic | Canada Goose License and Kill Permits   Audio File

Topic | Antler Auction Update   Audio File

Topic | License Sales Update   Audio File

Final Discussions | Beaver, Low Water, EHD   Audio File

Topic | Revenue, Camping and Visitation Report   Audio File