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July 8-9 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Distinguished Service Award   Audio File

Topic | Strategic Plan Update   Audio File

Topic | Pheasant Hunting Marketing and Hunt for Habitat Update   Audio File

Topic | Nest Predator Bounty Program   Audio File

Public Hearing   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Petition | Spearfishing   Audio File

Petition: Spearfishing

Petition | Mountain Lion Season Restrictions   Audio File

Petition: Mountain Lion Season Restrictions

Petition | Use of Horses and Tracking Dogs on GFP Lands   Audio File

Petition: Use of Horses and Tracking Dogs on GFP Lands

Petition | Use of Horses and Tracking Dogs on GFP Lands Resolution   Audio File

Finalization | Antelope   Audio File

Finalization: Antelope Season

Finalization | Trapping Seasons   Audio File

Finalization: Beaver Season

Finalization: River Otter Season

Finalization: Trapping Prohibitions

Proposal | Spring Turkey   Audio File

Proposal: Spring Turkey

Proposal | Mountain Lion Hunting Season   Audio File

Proposal: Mountain Lion Hunting Season

Topic | E-Commerce/Hard Card Update   Audio File

Topic | Bush's Landing Update   Audio File

Topic | Expiring Concession Contracts   Audio File

Topic | June Parks Events   Audio File

Topic | North Point Recreation Area Fire   Audio File

Resolution | GPA Disposal   Audio File

Topic | Ducks Unlimited Addition to Renziehausen GPA   Audio File

Action Item | Ulmer Wilderness GPA addition   Audio File

Action Item | Elk Raffle License   Audio File

Topic | Habitat and Access Plan   Audio File

Topic | Elk Management Plan   Audio File

Topic | License Sales Update   Audio File