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Commission Archives

May 6-7 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Parks and Wildlife Foundation Update and Second Century Habitat Board Update   Audio File

E-Commerce System Update   Audio File

Story-Telling and Marketing Communications Update   Audio File

Pubic Hearing/Open Forum   Audio File

Petition | Take of Fish by Blowgun   Audio File

Petition: Use of Rifle to Harvest Turkey (Part 1)   Audio File

Petition | Use of Rifle to Harvest Turkey (Part 2)   Audio File

Petition | Private Property Antelope Tags   Audio File

Finalizations | Youth Proposals, Disabled Pheasant Hunts and Public Water Zoning   Audio File

Finalization | Deer Seasons   Audio File

Finalization | Upland Game Seasons   Audio File

Finalization | CWD Regulations   Audio File

Proposals | Sage Grouse   Audio File

Proposals | Furbearer/Trapping Seasons   Audio File

Proposal: Trapping Prohibitions

Proposal: Beaver Season

Proposal: River Otter Season

Proposal | Furbearer/Trapping Otter Season   Audio File

Proposal | CSP Bison   Audio File

Topic | Concession Repair and Maintenance Program Update   Audio File

Topic | Missouri River Runoff and Reservoir Outlook for 2021   Audio File

Topic | Revenue, Camping and Visitation Report   Audio File

Topics | Medicine Knoll Creek GPA Land Exchange, Spring Spawning and Stocking, License Sales Update   Audio File