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September 2-3 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Topic | Volunteer Recognition and Shikar Award Presentation   Audio File

Topic | Pheasant Hunting Marketing Update   Audio File

Topic | Pheasant Hunting Marketing Discussion   Audio File

Topic | Governance and In-Person Meeting   Audio File

Thursday Public Hearing   Audio File

Public Hearing Open Forum   Audio File

Petition Decisions   Audio File

Topic | Spring Creek and Roy Lake Resort Updates   Audio File

Action Item | Elk Contingency License   Audio File

Action Item | River Otter Management Plan   Audio File

Topic | Public Access Opportunities   Audio File

Topic | DOT GFP Mitigation Plan and License Sales   Audio File

Topic | AIS Discussion and Law Enforcement Efforts   Audio File

Topic | Habitat Stamp Spending Approach   Audio File

Topic | State Threatened and Endangered Species Status Review   Audio File

Mule Deer Discussion Part 1   Audio File

Mule Deer Discussion Part 2   Audio File

Finalization | Three-Splash Waterfowl Hunting Package   Audio File

Finalization: Three-Splash Waterfowl Hunting Package

Finalization | Spring Turkey Hunting Season   Audio File

Finalization: Spring Turkey Hunting Season

Public Hearing Day 2   Audio File