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Commission Archives

April 2-3 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Proposal | Fall Turkey   Audio File

Proposal: Fall Turkey

Proposal | Lost License Replacement   Audio File

Proposal: Lost License Replacement

Nonresident Waterfowl   Audio File

Proposal | Administrative Rules Review   Audio File

March Proposals | River Otter Delisting and Flathead Catfish-Border Waters   Audio File

Proposal: River Otter Delisting

Proposal: Flathead Catfish-Border Waters

March Proposal | Archery Deer Season   Audio File

Proposal: Archery Deer Season

March Proposal | Landowner Elk License Applications   Audio File

March Proposals | Youth Waterfowl and Pheasant Season   Audio File

Proposal: Youth Waterfowl Season

Proposal: Youth Pheasant Season

Petition | Lake Sharpe Smallmouth Bass Part 1   Audio File

Petition: Lake Sharpe Smallmouth Bass

Petition | Elk Hunting Unit Boundary   Audio File

Petition: Elk Hunting Unit Boundary

Finalization | Elk Hunting Seasons   Audio File

Finalization: Elk Hunting Seasons

Action Item | Spring Creek Concessions   Audio File

Public Hearing and Open Forum   Audio File

Petition | Smallmouth Bass Part 2   Audio File

Fishing Restriction Discussion   Audio File