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Commission Archives

October 3-4 Commission Meeting Information

Administration and Second Century Initiative   Audio File

Second Century Habitat Fund, WMI Program Review, Non-meandered Waters   Audio File

Tribal Relations, Meeting Format and Board Management Software   Audio File

Petition | Preference Point System   Audio File

Preference Point System

Public Hearing and Open Forum   Audio File

Finalization | Chronic Wasting Disease Regulations   Audio File

Chronic Wasting Disease 

Finalization | Trapping Regulations   Audio File

Trapping Prohibitions

Trap Check Times-East and West

Finalization | Muzzleloader Scopes   Audio File

Muzzleloader Scopes

Finalization | Dog Training on Public Land   Audio File

Finalization | Mountain Lion and CSP Coyote Hunting Season   Audio File

Finalization | Park Entrance and Camping Fees   Audio File

Park Entrance and Camping Fees

Finalization | Rules Review Process   Audio File

Action Item | Budget Adjustment for GPA Equipment   Audio File

Action Item | Mountain Lion Plan Adoption   Audio File

Topic | Waterfowl Licenses   Audio File

Topic | Education and License Data Dashboard   Audio File

Topic | Feeding Wildlife   Audio File

Topic | License Sales Update   Audio File

Topic | Flooding Update   Audio File

Topic | Concessions Update   Audio File

Topic | Land and Water Conservation Fund and Recreational Trails ProgramGrants   Audio File

Topic | Revenue, Camping and Visitation Reports   Audio File