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July 8-9 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Topic | Second Century and Nonmeandered Waters Update   Audio File

Topic | Deer Application Deadline Update   Audio File

Topic | Big Horn Sheep Auction License GPA Spending Example   Audio File

Topic | Bighorn Sheep Auction Example Part 2   Audio File

Topic | Parks and Wildlife Fee Package Discussion   Audio File

Topic | Recruiting the Next Generation   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Petition | Muzzleloader Deer Optics   Audio File

Muzzleloader Deer Optics

Petition | Trapping Prohibitions   Audio File

Trapping Prohibitions 

Petition | Trapping Prohibitions Discussion   Audio File

Petition | Trapping Prohibitions Petition 1   Audio File

Petition | Trapping Prohibitions Petition 2-4   Audio File

Finalizations | Antelope Hunting Season, Sand Lake Refuge and Firearm Use on GFP Land by Oacoma   Audio File

Proposal | Velvet Antler Tagging   Audio File

Velvet Antler Tagging

Proposal | Chronic Wasting Disease   Audio File

Chronic Wasting Disease

Proposal | Rules Review Process   Audio File

Topic | Custer State Park Private Cabin Permit Adjustment   Audio File

Topic | Concessionaire Workgroups   Audio File

Topic | Elk Raffle   Audio File

Topic | Lake County Turkey Translocation Update

Topic | Grazing Leases on GPA's   Audio File

Topic | Road Right-of-Way Ditch Mowing   Audio File

Topic | Coyote Depredation Response   Audio File

Emergency Commission Meeting Audio   Audio File