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Commission Archives

June 6-7 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

FY 2020 Budget Approval   Audio File

Second Century Initiatives Update   Audio File

GFP Related Foundations and Funds   Audio File

Non-meandered Waters Update   Audio File

Commission Rule Review   Audio File

Petition | Hoop Net Use on Missouri River Tributaries   Audio File

Petition | Restrict Firearm Use on GFP Land by Oacoma   Audio File

Public Hearing   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Finalization | Archery Deer Season and Access Permit Allocations   Audio File

Archery Deer Season and Access Permit Allocation

Finalization | Bighorn Sheep Auction License   Audio File

Bighorn Sheep Auction License

Bighorn Sheep Auction License (Admin Action)

Finalization | Boat Restrictions on Deerfield   Audio File

Boat Restrictions on Deerfield

Finalization | Restrict Spearing of Bass on Pactola Reservoir   Audio File

Finalization | Restriction on the Use of Firearms, Crossbows and Bows in State Parks and Rec Areas   Audio File

Proposal | Antelope Hunting Season   Audio File

Antelope Hunting Season

Proposal | Sage Grouse Hunting Season   Audio File

Proposal | Archery Deer Hunting-Sand Lake Refuge   Audio File

Archery Deer Hunting-Sand Lake Refuge

Topic | CWD Action Plan   Audio File

Topic | Fort Sisseton Festival and Park Update   Audio File

Action Item | Roy Lake Resort Prospectus   Audio File

Topic | Spring Creek Ventures Ownership Update   Audio File

Discussion | Coyote Discussion   Audio File

Employee Recognition   Audio File