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Meeting Archive

Archived here is information related to the GFP Commission meetings; including agendas, public hearing notices, meeting materials and minutes, petition information, public comments and links to the live audio stream for the current and previous years.

If you are searching for older information, please refer to the South Dakota Boards and Commissions website which dates back to 2014.

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March 9-10 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

New Staff Introductions (1 of 2)   Audio File

New Staff Introductions (2 of 2)   Audio File

Public Hearing   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Petition | Perch Limit: Ten Fish per Day   Audio File

Petition | Deer Draw Structure   Audio File

Petition | Elk Preference Points   Audio File

Petition | Elk Draw Structure   Audio File

Petition | Corson County Deer Unit   Audio File

Petition | Paddlefish Snagging   Audio File

Proposal | Waterfowl Hunting Season   Audio File

Proposal | Deer Hunting Seasons (1 of 2)   Audio File

Proposal | Deer Hunting Seasons (2 of 2)   Audio File

Finalization | Firearms Changes to State Parks and Recreation Areas   Audio File

Finalizations | Public Lands and Waters | Mountain Goat Season   Audio File

Finalization | Archery Antelope   Audio File

Finalization | Archery Deer   Audio File

Topic | Regional Technical Education Center Training   Audio File

Topic | 2023 DOT Funding Proposals   Audio File

Topics | 2023 Parks Promotion - The Trails are Calling   Audio File

Topic | Camping, Visitation, and Revenue Report   Audio File

Topic | Bass and Walleye Regulation Toolboxes   Audio File

Topic | 2023 AIS Field Operations Plan   Audio File

Topic | Grouse Action Plan   Audio File

Topic | Wintering Wildlife   Audio File

Topic | License Sales Update and Adjourn   Audio File