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Meeting Archive

Archived here is information related to the GFP Commission meetings; including agendas, public hearing notices, meeting materials and minutes, petition information, public comments and links to the live audio stream for the current and previous years.

If you are searching for older information, please refer to the South Dakota Boards and Commissions website which dates back to 2014.

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July 8-9 Commission Meeting Information

Administration   Audio File

Topic | Second Century and Nonmeandered Waters Update   Audio File

Topic | Deer Application Deadline Update   Audio File

Topic | Big Horn Sheep Auction License GPA Spending Example   Audio File

Topic | Bighorn Sheep Auction Example Part 2   Audio File

Topic | Parks and Wildlife Fee Package Discussion   Audio File

Topic | Recruiting the Next Generation   Audio File

Open Forum   Audio File

Petition | Muzzleloader Deer Optics   Audio File

Muzzleloader Deer Optics

Petition | Trapping Prohibitions   Audio File

Trapping Prohibitions 

Petition | Trapping Prohibitions Discussion   Audio File

Petition | Trapping Prohibitions Petition 1   Audio File

Petition | Trapping Prohibitions Petition 2-4   Audio File

Finalizations | Antelope Hunting Season, Sand Lake Refuge and Firearm Use on GFP Land by Oacoma   Audio File

Proposal | Velvet Antler Tagging   Audio File

Velvet Antler Tagging

Proposal | Chronic Wasting Disease   Audio File

Chronic Wasting Disease

Proposal | Rules Review Process   Audio File

Topic | Custer State Park Private Cabin Permit Adjustment   Audio File

Topic | Concessionaire Workgroups   Audio File

Topic | Elk Raffle   Audio File

Topic | Lake County Turkey Translocation Update

Topic | Grazing Leases on GPA's   Audio File

Topic | Road Right-of-Way Ditch Mowing   Audio File

Topic | Coyote Depredation Response   Audio File

Emergency Commission Meeting Audio   Audio File