Rare Plants

Rare Plants of South Dakota

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Scientific Name

Common Name

Global Rank

State Rank


Federal Status

State Status

Adiantum capillus-veneris Southern Maidenhair-fern G5 S1 Single occurrence on Cascade Creek of S B Hills.
Adiantum pedatum Northern Maidenhair-fern G5 SH Last collected in 1941 from Spearfish Mtn.
Adoxa moschatellina Musk-root G5 S4 Higher elevations of the B Hills.
Agastache scrophulariifolia Purple Giant Hyssop G4 S2 Few collections from e SD.
Agoseris aurantiaca Orange Mountain-dandelion G5 S2 Reported from nw Black Hills.
Agrimonia pubescens Downy Agrimony G5 SU Single 1969 collection from Newton Hills.
Allium drummondii Drummond's Wild Onion G5 SU Reported from Shannon Co.
Anemone quinquefolia Wood Anemone G5 S2 Known from 4 forests in ne SD.
Antennaria dimorpha Dwarf Pussytoes G5 SU Two collections from the Black Hills.
Arabis canadensis Sicklepod G5 S2 Rich forests of e SD.
Aralia racemosa American Spikenard G4G5 S3 Rich forests of e SD.
Aristida longespica Slimspike Threeawn G5 S2 Sandy soils along Missouri River
Asarum canadense Wild-ginger G5 S2 Known from 2 forests in ne SD.
Asclepias lanuginosa Wooly Milkweed G4? S2 Few recent collections from e SD prairies.
Asclepias sullivantii Prairie Milkweed G5 SH Few collections from 1950's & 60s in se SD.
Asplenium trichomanes Maidenhair Spleenwort G5 S3S4 Moist granite outcrops of cent B Hills.
Asplenium viride Green Spleenwort G4 S3 Limestone outcrops & soil of n B Hills.
Aster pauciflorus Marsh Alkali Aster G4 SH Last collected in 1959 in nw SD.
Aster pubentior Flattop Aster G5 S2S3 Fens & seepage areas of e SD.
Astragalus americanus Rattlepod G5 S3 Forested riparian zones of B Hills.
Astragalus barrii Barr's Milkvetch G3 S3 Regional endemic including sw SD.
Astragalus kentrophyta Spiny Milkvetch G5 SH Last collected in 1920 from W SD.
Astragalus hyalinus Summer Orophaca G4 S2S3 Recently documented in sw SD.
Astragalus miser A Milk-vetch G5 SH Single collection from B Hills in 1895.
Astragalus mollissimus Wooly Locoweed G5 SH Single 1924 collection from SW SD.
Botrychium campestre Prairie Moonwort G3G4 S2S3 Native grasslands of the B Hills & e SD.
Botrychium gallicomontanum Frenchman's Bluff Moonwort G1 S1 Limestone grasslands of the B Hills.
Botrychium lineare Slender Moonwort GNR S1 Native grasslands of the s B Hills.
Botrychium lunaria Moonwort Grape-fern G5 S1S2 Black Hills meadows & grasslands.
Botrychium matricariifolium Matricary Grape-fern G5 S1 Rarely collected in e SD & B Hills.
Botrychium multifidum Leathery Grape-fern G5 S1 Black Elk Peak area of the B Hills.
Botrychium pallidum Pale Moonwort G3 S2S3 Black Hills meadows & grasslands.
Botrychium simplex Least Grape-fern G5 S4 B Hills meadows & e SD sand prairie.
Bupleurum americanum American Thorowax G5 S1 2006 discovery in Cathedral Spires of B Hills.
Cacalia plantaginea Indian Plantain G4G5 SR Reported but unverified in ne SD.
Calypso bulbosa Fairy Slipper Orchid G5 S3 Spruce forests of higher B Hills.
Cardamine concatenata Toothwort G5 S2 Few occurrences in forests of e SD.
Carex aggregata Clustered Sedge G5 SH Last collected near Pickerel Lk in 1966.
Carex alopecoidea Tawny Sedge G5 S2S3 Wetland margins of e SD & B Hills.
Carex athrostachya Jointed-spike Sedge G5 S1 Single recent collection from cent B Hills.
Carex bella Elegant Sedge G5 S1 Few occurrences in Black Elk Peak area.
Carex brunnescens Brownish Sedge G5 SU Last collected in 1975 from Black Elk Peak area.
Carex canescens Gray Sedge G5 S2 Spruce wetlands of higher B Hills
Carex capillaris Hair Sedge G5 S3 Moist B Hills habitats & historically in ne SD.
Carex concinna Low Northern Sedge G4G5 S3S4 Uncommonly collected in Black Hills.
Carex intumescens Swollen Sedge G5 S3 Few occurrences in Black Elk Peak area.
Carex lacustris Lake Sedge G5 S4? Fens & fresh water wetlands of s & ne SD.
Carex leptalea Delicate Sedge G5 S3 Forested wetlands of higher B Hills
Carex occidentalis Western Sedge G4 S2 Few occurrences in Black Elk area.
Carex pedunculata Long-stalked Sedge G5 S4? Deciduous forests of B Hills and ne SD.
Carex rupestris Curly Sedge G5 S1 Last collected in Black Elk Peak area, 1983.
Carex sparganioides Bur Sedge G5 SH Last collected in 1928 from forests in se SD.
Carex tribuloides Blunt-broom Sedge G5 S1 Single 1992 collection from B Hills springhead wetland.
Carex vaginata Sheathed Sedge G5 S1 Discovered in 2009 in Centrail Black Hills.
Carex vesicaria Inflated Sedge G5 SH Single 1962 collection from NE SD.
Carex viridula Little Green Sedge G5 S1 Fen habitats of ne SD & historically in B Hills.
Caulophyllum thalictroides Blue Cohosh G4G5 S3 Rich forests of e SD.
Ceanothus fendleri Fendler's Whitethorn G5 S2 Locallized in sw Black Hills.
Chaenactis douglasii Douglas' Dusty Maiden G5 SU Western species found in nw SD.
Chenopodium subglabrum Smooth Goosefoot G3G4 S2 Rarely collected from sand prairies of w SD.
Chrysothamnus parryi Parry's Rabbit-bush G5 SU Reported for sw SD, no specimens.
Cinna arundinacea Stout Woodreed G5 SH Last reported in 1920 from forests of se SD.
Clematis hirsutissima Sugar Bowls G4 S2 Uncommon in grasslands of sw SD.
Corallorhiza odontorhiza Autumn Coral-root G5 SU Collected once in 1971 from n B Hills.
Corallorhiza trifida Pale Coral-root G5 S3S4 Cool, moist forests at higher elevations of the B Hills.
Coreopsis palmata Finger Coreopsis G5 S3 Uncommon in prairies of se SD.
Cornus amomum Pale Dogwood G5 SU Few collections from se SD floodplain forests.
Cryptantha cana Silver-mounded Candleflower G5 S2 Regional endemic extending into sw SD.
Cryptantha jamesii James'Candleflower G5T5? S1 Rediscovered in 2004 in SW SD.
Cryptogramma acrostichoides American Rock-brake G5 S1 Single collection in 1994 from n Hills rock outcrops.
Cypripedium candidum Small White Lady's-slipper G4 S1 Few occurrences in prairies of ne SD.
Cypripedium parviflorum Yellow Lady's-slipper G5 S3S4 Forests of B Hills and ne SD.
Cystopteris bulbifera Bulbil Bladder Fern G5 S1 Single known occurrence in ne SD.
Dalea cylindriceps Andean Prairie Clover G3G4 SH Single collection in 1926 from SW SD.
Danthonia californica California Oatgrass G5 S1 Rare in Black Hills montane meadows.
Deschampsia cespitosa Tufted Hairgrass G5 S3 Black Hills wet meadows at higher elevations.
Diarrhena americana American Beakgrain G4? SH Single collection along Big Sioux River in 1958.
Disporum hookeri Drops of gold G5 S2S3 Aspen/birch and mixed forests of n B Hills.
Dryopteris carthusiana Spinulose Shield Fern G5 S1 Single 1993 collection from central B Hills.
Echinocereus viridiflorus Hedgehog Cactus G5 S3 Native grasslands of s Black Hills.
Elaeagnus commutata Silverberry G5 S1 Barely enters n SD, formerly of B Hills.
Eleocharis rostellata Beaked Spikerush G5 S1 Single known occurrence on Cascade Creek.
Eleocharis tenuis Slender Spikerush G5 S1 Single known occurrence on Minnechaduza Ck.
Elymus diversiglumis Interrupted Wildrye G3G4Q SH Last collected in 1969 from woodlands of B Hills.
Epipactis gigantea Stream Orchid G3G4 S1 Single known occurrence on Cascade Creek.
Equisetum scirpoides Dwarf Scouring Rush G5 S3S4 Black Hills riparian forests at higher elevations.
Equisetum variegatum Variegated Scouring Rush G5 S1 Few occurrences in Black Hills.
Eragrostis trichodes Sand Lovegrass G5 S4? Uncommon in sandhills of s-cent SD.
Erigeron acris Bitter Fleabane G5 SH Three historical collections from wet meadows in s B Hills.
Erigeron ochroleucus Buff Fleabane G5 S3S4 Few collections from B Hills hogback ridge.
Eriogonum visheri Dakota Buckwheat G3 S3 Badland outcrops of w SD, sw ND & se MT.
Eriophorum gracile Slender Cottongrass G5 S1 Rare in fens of SD.
Eriophorum polystachion Tall Cottongrass G5 S3S4 Fens of e SD and the Black Hills.
Erythronium albidum White Fawn Lily G5 S1 Single occurrence in se SD forest.
Euphorbia fendleri Fendler's Spurge G5 S3S4 Few collections from Mt Mahogany stands of s B Hills.
Eustoma exaltatum Tulip Gentain G5 S1 Single recent occurrence in s B Hills.
Fimbristylis autumnalis Slender Fimbry G5 SH Reported but unverified in se SD.
Gentiana affinis Northern Gentian G5 S2S3 Montane meadows of B Hills and ne SD.
Gentiana puberulenta Downy Gentian G4G5 S4? Prairies of e SD & disjunct in B Hills.
Gentianopsis procera Small Fringed Gentian G5 S2 Fens of e SD.
Geranium maculatum Wild Cranesbill G5 S1 Rich forests of e SD.
Gymnocladus dioicus Kentucky Coffee-tree G5 S2 Few native stands in forests of se SD.
Haplopappus multicaulis Branched Goldenweed G4 S3S4 Regional endemic of seleniferous soils.
Ipomopsis longiflora White-flowered Gilia G5 S2 Barely entering sandhills of s SD.
Ipomopsis spicata Spike Gila G5 S4? Uncommon in w SD.
Isoetes melanopoda Black-footed Quillwort G5 SH Single 1924 specimen from Mellette Co. wetland.
Isopyrum biternatum False Rue Anemone G5 SH Single historical report from cent SD.
Juglans nigra Black Walnut G5 S4? Few native stands in forests of se SD.
Juncus alpinoarticulatus Alpine Rush G5 S3S4 Permanent wet meadow habitat with fresh water.
Juncus articulatus Jointed Rush G5 S1 B Hills wet meadows, historically from ne SD.
Juncus canadensis Canada Rush G5 S1 Single known occurrence in s-cent SD.
Juncus marginatus Margined Rush G5 S1 Sandy wet meadows of s-cent SD.
Lactuca floridana Woodland Wild Blue Lettuce G5 S2 Rare in forests of se SD.
Lechea intermedia Pinweed G5 SH Last collected in 1965.
Ledum groenlandicum Labrador Tea G5 SX Single 1931 collection from n Black Hills.
Lespedeza capitata Bush Clover G5 S2 Uncommon in prairies of se SD.
Lesquerella arenosa var. argillosa Sidesaddle Bladderpod G5T3 S3 Regional endemic of badlands in sw SD.
Lesquerella montana Mountain Bladderpod G5 S1S2 Reported for s Black Hills.
Leucophysalis grandiflora White Groundcherry G4? SX Several historical collections from Spearfish Canyon.
Lewisia pygmaea Alpine Bitterroot G5 S1S2 Montane meadows of the Black Hills.
Liatris pycnostachya Cattail Gayfeather G5 S1 Rare in ne SD.
Lilium canadense ssp. michiganense Turk's Cap Lily G5 S1 Rare in tallgrass prairies of e SD.
Liparis loeselii Loesel's Twayblade G5 S1S2 Rare in fens of e SD.
Listera convallarioides Broad-lipped Twayblade G5 S1 Few occurrences in springhead wetlands of n B Hills.
Lithophragma glabrum Bulbus Woodland Star G4G5 S1S2 Montane meadows of the Black Hills.
Lithospermum caroliniense Hairy Puccoon G4G5 S4? Sandhills of s SD, historically from B Hills.
Lithospermum latifolium American Gromwell G4 S1 Single known occurrence in ne SD.
Lobelia kalmii Kalm's Lobelia G5 S2 Calcareous fens of ne SD.
Lomatium nuttallii Nuttall's Desert-parsley G3 SH Single 1926 collection from s Black Hills.
Luzula acuminata Hairy Woodrush G5 S2S3 Restricted to boreal forest types of n B Hills.
Luzula parviflora Small-flowered Woodrush G5 S2S3 Few collections in the n B Hills.
Lycopodium annotinum Bristly Clubmoss G5 S1 Few occurrences in n Black Hills.
Lycopodium complanatum Ground Cedar G5 S2 Few occurrences in n Black Hills.
Lysimachia quadriflora Prairie Loosestrife G5? S1 Apparently restircted to sandhills of n-cent SD.
Melica bulbosa Oniongrass G5 S1 Single 1991 collection from n Black Hills.
Menyanthes trifoliata Bog Buckbean G5 S1 Two recent sites known, two historical sites destroyed.
Mertensia ciliata Streamside Bluebells G5 S1 Few collections from riparian zones in w SD.
Microseris nutans Nodding Silver-puffs G5 S1 Only 3 collected from NW SD.
Mitella pentandra Five-point Bishop's Cap G5? S1 Few occurrences in n Black Hills.
Monarda pectinata Pony Beebalm G5 SH Single 1924 collection from Todd Co.
Monotropa uniflora Indian Pipe G5 S1 Rare in forests of eastern SD.
Myriophyllum heterophyllum Water Milfoil G5 S1 Two historical & 1recent collection from Brookings Co.
Navarretia intertexta var. propinqua Great Basin Navarretia G5T5 SH Two historical collection from Harding Co.
Nymphaea odorata White Water-lily G5 S1 Rare in SE SD.
Oenothera flava Yellow Evening Primrose G5 S1 Historically known but few recent finds in w SD.
Oenothera rhombipetala Fourpoint Evening Primrose G4G5 S4? Barely entering sandhills of s SD.
Orobanche uniflora One-flowered Broomrape G5 S2 Rarely collected from ne Black Hills.
Oxyria digyna Mountain Sorrel G5 S2 Localized in Black Elk Peak area of B Hills.
Panax quinquefolius American Ginseng G3G4 S1 Single known occurrence in se SD.
Parnassia glauca Waxy Bog-star G5 S3 Calcareous fens of ne SD.
Parnassia palustris Northern Bog-star G5 S1 Single occurrence in fen of n-cent SD.
Pedicularis procera Long-leaved Lousewort G4G5 S2 Localized near Deerfield in mixed forest & clearings.
Penstemon nitidus Shining Penstemon G5 S2 Few occurrences on buttes of nw SD.
Petasites sagittatus Sweet-coltsfoot G5 S2 Localized in streamside wetland habitats of n B Hills.
Phacelia linearis Threadleaf Phacelia G5 SU Few reports from sandy soils near the B Hills.
Phleum alpinum Alpine Timothy G5 SU Higher elevations of the cent & n B Hills.
Phlox divaricata Woodland Blue Phlox G5 SX Historically collected in forests of se SD.
Physaria brassicoides Rydberg's Twinpod G5 S3 Regional endemic in W SD.
Picradeniopsis woodhousei Bahia G4G5 SU Two 1967 collections from w SD.
Pinus contorta Lodgepole Pine G5 S2 Single stand near Nahant & scattered trees elsewhere in n B Hills.
Pinus flexilis Limber Pine G5 S1 Localized in Black Elk Peak area of B Hills.
Platanthera dilatata Northern White Orchid G5 S1 Rare in wetland habitats of the n B Hills.
Platanthera orbiculata Round-leaved Orchid G5 S3 Forested habitats of the n Black Hills.
Platanthera praeclara Western Prairie Fringed Orchid G2 SH Last collected in e SD in 1916. LT
Poa rupicola Timberline Bluegrass G5T3T5 S1 Single known occurrence on Black Elk Peak.
Poa sylvestris Sylvan Bluegrass G5 SH Single 1959 collection from ne SD.
Polanisia jamesii James' Clammyweed G5 S4? Sandy habitats of s-cent & sw SD.
Polygala sanguinea Blood Milkwort G5 SU Reported for SD but no specimens located.
Polypodium virginianum Rock Polypody G5 S1 Few occurrences on quartzite outcrops of se SD.
Polystichum lonchitis Northern Holly-fern G5 S2S3 Moist forested habitats of n Black Hills.
Polystichum munitum Western Sword Fern G5 SH Single collection from n B Hills in 1967.
Potamogeton amplifolius Large-leaf Pondweed G5 S1 Historically in calm, fresh water of e SD, only 2 recent reports.
Potamogeton vaginatus Sheathed Pondweed G5 SH Last observed in Blue Dog Lake in 1962.
Prenanthes alba White Rattlesnake Root G5 S2 Restricted to forests of ne SD.
Prenanthes aspera Rough Rattlesnake-root G4? S2 Uncommon in prairies of e SD.
Psoralea linearifolia Slimleaf Scurfpea G4? SU Two historical and one 1971 report in w SD grasslands.
Pyrola picta White-veined Wintergreen G4G5 S3S4 Higher elevation forests of the n B Hills.
Pyrola uniflora One-flower Wintergreen G5 S2S3 Mature spruce forests of the n B Hills.
Pyrus ioensis Iowa Crab-apple G4G5 SU Reported for woodlands of se SD, no vouchers yet found.
Rhamnus alnifolia Alder Buckthorn G5 SH Two historical collections from n B Hills.
Rhodiola integrifolia ssp. leedyi Leedy's Roseroot G5T1 S1 Single occurrence on granite in the central Black Hills. LT
Rhynchospora capillacea Slender Beakrush G4 S2 Fens of ne SD, historically from s-cent SD.
Salix candida Sage Willow G5 S1 Fens of ne SD, single disjunct occurrence in B Hills.
Salix humilis Prairie Willow G5 S1 Presently only known from sand prairie of n-cent SD.
Salix lucida Shining Willow G5 S1 Single recent collection from cent B Hills.
Salix serissima Autumn Willow G4 S1 Saturated, organic soils of n Black Hills.
Sanguinaria canadensis Bloodroot G5 S4? Forests of e SD & disjunct in B Hills.
Saxifraga cernua Nodding Saxifrage G4 S1 Moist sites at higher elevations of B Hills.
Saxifraga occidentalis Western Saxifrage G5 S2 Few collections from n Black Hills.
Scrophularia marilandica Maryland Figwort G5 SH Last collected from prairie in se SD in 1960.
Senecio spartioides var. spartioides Broom Groundsel G5T5 S2 Uncommonly collected in SW SD.
Silphium integrifolium Entire-leaf Rosinweed G5 SU Recently rediscovered in se SD.
Silphium laciniatum Compass Plant G5 S3 Tallgrass prairies of se SD.
Smilax ecirrata Upright Carrion-flower G5? SH Last collected in 1965 in se SD forest.
Solidago riddellii Riddell's Goldenrod G5 S1 Rare in fens of E SD.
Solidago velutina Three-nerved Goldenrod G5? SU Few scattered collections from w SD & BH's.
Sorbus scopulina Western Mountain Ash G5 S3S4 Localized in the n Black Hills.
Sparganium emersum Green-fruited Bur Reed G5 S1 Rare in Ne SD wetlands.
Spiraea alba Meadowsweet G5 S3 Prairies & wet meadows of e SD. Historically in BH's.
Spiranthes cernua Nodding Ladies' Tresses G5 S2 Few occurrences in prairies of ne SD.
Spiranthes magnicamporum Great Plains Ladies' Tresses G4 S3 Prairie swales & meadows in e & s-cent SD.
Spiranthes vernalis Twisted Ladies' Tresses G5 S2 Moist meadows in southeastern most SD.
Stachys tenuifolia Smooth Hedge-nettle G5 SU Single collection in 1989 from floodplain in se SD.
Stipa robusta Sleepy Grass G5 S3S4 Uncommon grass of the s Black Hills.
Taenidia integerrima Yellow Pimpernell G5 SH Last collected in 1883 from cent SD.
Thelesperma megapotamicum Hopi-tea G5 S3S4 Coarse soiled prairies of sw SD.
Thelypteris palustris Marsh Fern G5 S1 Three known occurrences in fen habitats
Townsendia exscapa Easter Daisy G5 S4? Uncommon in grasslands of western SD.
Townsendia grandiflora Largeflower Townsend-daisy G4? S3S4 Grasslands of sw SD.
Townsendia hookeri Hooker's Townsend-daisy G5 S3 Sparse grassland & barren substrates of sw SD.
Trifolium beckwithii Beckwith Clover G4G5 S1 Prairie swales & meadows in ne SD.
Trillium cernuum Nodding Trillium G5 S2 Rich forests of ne SD.
Trillium flexipes Declining Trillium G5 SU Reported for SD but no specimens located.
Trillium nivale Snow Trillium G4 S2 Rich forests of se SD.
Triplasis purpurea Purple Sandgrass G4G5 SU Sand prairie & dunes of s SD.
Tripterocalyx micranthus Sand Puffs G5 S1S2 Sand prairie & blowouts of nw SD.
Ulmus thomasii Rock Elm G5 SH Last collected in 1960 from forest in se SD.
Utricularia miner Lesser Bladderwort G5 S2 Rare in fens of ne SD.
Uvularia grandiflora Large-flowered Bellwort G5 S3S4 Rich forests of e SD.
Uvularia sessilifolia Small-flowered Bellwort G5 S4 Last collected in 1894 from se SD forest.
Vaccinium macrocarpon Wild Cranberry G4 S1 Recently discovered in Black Hills acid fen.
Vaccinium membranaceum Mountain Huckleberry G5 S2 Restricted to forests in Lead/Deadwood area.
Veronicastrum virginicum Culver's Root G4 S1 Mesic prairie of se SD.
Viburnum edule Squashberry G5 S3 Cool, moist forests of Spearfish Ck watershed.
Viola selkirkii Great-spurred Violet G5? S2S3 Moist forests at higher elevations of the B Hills.
Xylorhiza glabriuscula Woody Aster G4 S3S4 Seleniferous soils of sw SD.
Zizania aquatica Wild Rice G5 S2 Slow streams & lake bays of e SD.

Key to codes used in Natural Heritage Database species list:


LE = Listed endangered
LT = Listed threatened
LELT = Listed endangered in part of range, threatened in part of range 
C = Candidate for federal listing, information indicates that listing is justified.
PE = Proposed endangered
PT = Proposed threatened


SE = State Endangered
ST = State Threatened

An endangered species is a species in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. (applied rangewide for federal status and statewide for state status)

A threatened species is a species likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future.

Global/State Ranking


Global ranks are periodically reviewed by species experts and shared throughout the NatureServe Network. State or provincial ranking is the responsibility of individual heritage programs. 

The goal of state, provincial and global species ranking is to assess extinction risk using standard methods. NatureServe and network program staff collect and evaluate data with established tools and methods to assign ranks that are as accurate and consistent as possible given the data available on a species. Major categories assessed during species ranking are rarity, threats and trends. 

South Dakota Heritage Program staff began a comprehensive review of state ranks in 2016. The process should be completed during 2022, with a goal to reassess species ranks at least every five years.

Ranks and definitions:

These are applied rangewide for global rank and statewide for state rank.

G1 S1 Critically imperiled because of extreme rarity (5 or fewer occurrences or very few remaining individuals or acres) or because of some factor(s) making it especially vulnerable to extinction.

G2 S2 Imperiled because of rarity (6 to 20 occurrences or few remaining individuals or acres) or because of some factor(s) making it very vulnerable to extinction throughout its range.

G3 S3 Either very rare and local throughout its range or found locally (even abundantly at some of its locations) in a restricted range, or vulnerable to extinction throughout its range because of other factors; in the range of 21 of 100 occurrences.

G4 S4 Apparently secure, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery. Cause for long term concern.

G5 S5 Demonstrably secure, though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.

GU SU Unrankable due to lack of information or conflicting information about status or trends.

GH SH Historically known, may be rediscovered.

GX SX Believed extinct, historical records only.

GNR SNR Not yet ranked

GNA SNA Not applicable – A conservation rank is not applicable because the species is not a suitable target for conservation activities.

Rank qualifiers:

_? _? Inexact rank
_C Captive or cultivated only
_Q Taxonomic status is questionable, rank may change with taxonomy

Infraspecific taxon rank:

_T Rank of subspecies or variety