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Preference Points

Seasons with a limited number of licenses have a preference system for applicants who are unsuccessful on their first choice in the first drawing.

One point may be purchased each year the applicant is unsuccessful. Preference is valid on first choices in the first drawing only. Applicants who draw a first-choice license and subsequently refuse to take the license will lose all accumulated preference and eligibility.

Purchased preference points are automatically credited to an application and even if you do not apply the following year. 

Preference cannot be transferred to another person and is only valid for the first drawing in the applicant’s first unit-type choice. 

Please note that many units within certain seasons are highly sought after and cannot be drawn without preference points. Some units can be drawn with 1 year preference, but others require 2 or more year’s preference. To see approximately what your chances are of drawing a license in a particular unit, you can view last year’s draw statistics.

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