Photo © Heather Berg

Live Trap Giveaway Program

The Live Trap Giveaway Program has closed. 

Thank you for your understanding. The interest was and remains high in this effort, which is a very exciting moment for our state and the next generation. It ultimately means that we will continue to keep the tradition of trapping and the outdoor heritage strong for the future.

This effort is directly tied to the department’s 2016-2020 strategic plan to increase trapping awareness and outreach as trapping license sales have decreased dramatically over the past 20 years.

By tackling this issue head-on, GFP hopes to increase participation in trapping from all ages while at the same time, reducing localized populations of nest predators (raccoon, striped skunk, badger, opossum, and red fox) as a way to increase pheasant and duck nest success.

Trapping efforts should occur in or directly adjacent to quality nesting habitat and be focused during the primary nesting season (April 1 through August 31). However, the trapping season for these five nest predators is open year-round.  

Program Details:

  • Due to the overwhelming excitement and participation around the Live Trap Giveaway Program that was announced on March 1, 2019, GFP had to limit the program to the first 5,500 people who registered.
  • Limit of 3 live traps per household
    • Due to extremely high interest in the Live Trap Giveaway Program, GFP had to limit all participants to a maximum of 3 live traps per household.
    • If you have already registered for 5 live traps, you will receive 3 live traps. 
  • Must be a resident of South Dakota.
  • Once you have registered, a GFP representative will contact you for pick up.
    • Individuals will have 10 business days from the time they are called to come and pick up their traps. If participants do not pick them up within this time frame, staff will move the name to the bottom of the list in that community. Staff will alert the person they are being moved to the back of the list and they will likely not receive their traps until later summer/fall.
  • Live traps will not be available until after April 1, 2019, and it could take several months after that before traps are available to some people.
  • Immediate family members will be allowed to pickup traps for a family member that registered for traps if their ID has the same address as the registrant.  
    • Example: Husband registered for traps and the wife wants to pick them up.  If she has her ID with the same address, then she may pick the traps up.
  • Live traps should be used for the purposes of predator control near nesting habitat.
  • Live traps cannot be sold, bartered, or traded.

License Requirements

Note: Please be aware that your patience is kindly appreciated in the roll out of this program as the number of live traps available is limited by manufacturing. Live traps will not be available until after April 1, 2019. If you no longer need the live traps you received, please return them to a local GFP office for others to use.