Wildlife Diversity Program

  • The Wildlife Diversity Program inventories, protects, and manages the diversity of species and habitats in South Dakota. It works to address wildlife diversity issues, and sustain all native plants, animals, and habitats. By taking a proactive approach to sustaining native species, listing of species as threatened or endangered can often be prevented.
  • The South Dakota Natural Heritage Program is maintained by the Wildlife Diversity program. Natural heritage programs collect and manage detailed local information on plants, animals, and ecosystems and develop information, data management tools, and conservation services to help meet local, national, and global conservation needs.
  • The South Dakota Natural Heritage Program is a member of NatureServe, an international network of biological inventories known as natural heritage programs or conservation data centers that operate in all fifty U.S. states, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Rare Species Grants
Wildlife Diversity Small Grants Program

The Wildlife Diversity Small Grants Program provides funding for researchers, educators and naturalists to carry out projects focused on native wildlife.

New Funding for South Dakota's Fish and Wildlife (PDF file)

View summaries of projects funded with the asssistance of State Wildlife Grants, a federal matching program.

Wildlife Diversity Program Activities:
Books, Reports and Articles:

Fragile Legacy, Rare Animals of South Dakota

This booklet contains accounts of some of South Dakota's rarest animal species. Request a free copy of this 46-page publication.

Teaming With WildlifeTeaming with Wildlife logo

Teaming with Wildlife is a national coalition of more than 6,000 groups working to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered. Together, the coalition works to support increased funding for wildlife conservation and associated recreation and education in every state.