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Previous Project Grants


Exploring Birds Resource Kit Dennis Skadsen
Recruitment and training of SD citizen scientists for FrogWatch USA Jacob Kerby
Black Hills Bryophytes Workshop Mary Zimmerman
Animal Antics Amber Stout
Butterfly Activity Guide for Prairie Butterflies of SD Jennifer Fowler
Black Hills Lichens and Mosses: Educational Materials and Classroom Visits Mary Wipf (Zimmerman)
Great Green Globs of... Moss, or Lichen? Mary Zimmerman
Camp Arroya Nature Trail Clarence Pederson
Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve native landscape arboretum Mark Ernste
Bird habitat development for the Haakon County Outdoor Learning Center Tanya McIlravy
Native wildlife awareness program Melissa Horton
Ottumwa Rural Attendance Center schoolyard habitat Tanya McIlravy
YMCA Camp Leif Ericson habitat restoration and nature education Phil Olson
Kiwanis-Mary Hall Park native plant demonstration Thomas Allen
Curriculum and resource guide for "Fragile Legacy - Rare Animals of SD" Jennifer Fowler
A guide to wildlife and wildlife watching in northeast SD Dennis Skadsen
Birds - At home on the range tour Justin Jessop
Native wildlife field trips Susan Ricci-Fox
Nesting ecology of raptors in western SD - educational programs Craig Knowles
Bringing fire back to the land traveling kiosk John Davidson
Electronic File NA
Field guide to the tiger beetles of Nebraska and SD Stephen Spomer and
Matthew Brust
Electronic File NA
Cultivating a native environment Diane Melvin
Greenbelt education enhancement project Stan Hoffart
Bat books for SD elementary school libraries Western Bat Working Group
Encouraging appreciation for the smallest of wild critters with "Bug Zone" live insect presentations and insect discovery resource kit Friends of Maga Ta-Hohpi Environmental Center
An educator's curriculum and resource guide for the "South Dakota Breeding Bird Atlas II" Jennifer Fowler
Field guide to SD fishes Steve and Sheila Wall
Exhibit display - Prairie native vegetation map City of Watertown
Wetland restoration at Camp Woodlands Bette Poppen, Girl Scouts
Granite Springs outdoor classroom Kevin Yeo
Grevik Outdoor Learning Area at Wall Lake Gary Olson
Lichens of the Black Hills Workshop Mary Zimmerman


Spider survey of Fort Pierre National Grassland L. Brian Patrick
Odonata surveys Steve Hummel
Solitary ground nesting bees of SD Paul Johnson and Nicomas Dollar
2001 mollusk survey at Whitney Preserve Tamara Anderson
Survey of tiger beetles in the Black Hills of SD Scott Weins and Elizabeth Krueger
Survey of unionid mollusks of the Missouri River and related reservoirs in SD Ellet Hoke
Land snail survey of Custer State Park Tamara Anderson
Survey of freshwater mussels in tributaries of the James River Basin Steve Wall
Preparation of a field guide of Black Hills land snails Tamara Anderson
Monitoring Oreohelix snails Tamara Anderson
Survey for additional colonies of the endemic Black Hills fritillary butterfly James Reiser and Stephen Spomer
American burying beetle surveys in southwestern SD Molly Davis
Investigating the identity of a tiger beetle from the Black Hills of SD Stephen Spomer
Species composition of freshwater snails in three ecoregions of SD Bruce Stephen
Surveys for prairie-dependent moths in northeast SD Dennis Skadsen
Habitat preferences of ground beetle species in the northern Black Hills David Bergmann
Snail response to fire in the Black Hills Tamara Anderson
Conifer forest dwelling elateroid beetles of western SD Paul Johnson
Survey for American burying beetles Keith Perkins
Freshwater snails of the prairie pothole region of SD Bruce Stephen


A survey to identify and document mushrooms and other fleshy fungi in the Black Hills of SD Audrey Gabel
Inventory of plants at the Whitney Preserve at Cascade Creek Elaine Ebbert
Floristic inventory of the Black Elk Wilderness, Black Hills National Forest, SD Hollis Marriott
Rapid assessment of plant communities of the Black Hills for macrofungi Audrey Gabel and Kristie Martin
Identification and mitigation of climber impact on rare plants, Custer State Park Hollis Marriott
Survey of Black Hills montane grasslands Hollis Marriott
Survey, identification, and data compilation of Black Hills bryophytes Mary Zimmerman


Use of shelterbelt woodlands by neotropical migrant birds in the Northern Great Plains David Swanson
Inventory of birds, reptiles and amphibians on TNC preserves and easements in the southern Black Hills Thomas and Nancy Hays
Ecological evaluation of stream resources in Deuel County Ramona Lundberg
Monitoring plan development and implementation for selected sensitive species along Cascade Creek Beth Burkhart and Elaine Ebbert
Biological inventory at Spirit Mound Historic Prairie Karen Olmstead
Wall Lake wildlife habitat improvement John Monahan
Developing adaptive management methods and assessing the status of species of concern in the Leola Hills landscape of the Missouri Coteau Mary Miller
Monitoring perennial streams of the Black Hills MIM project


Banding studies of nesting northern saw-whet owls in northwest SD Nancy Drilling
Breeding bird survey of Good Earth State Park at Blood Run Rosemary Draeger and Linda Johnson
Studies of Nesting Northern Saw-whet Owls in Northwestern SD RMBO - Nancy Drilling
Northern saw-whet and flammulated owl banding stations RMBO - Nancy Drilling
Monitoring purple martins with geolocators Dennis and Paul Mammenga
Big Sioux Recreation Area and Palisades State Park Breeding Bird Surveys Rosemary Draeger and Linda Johnson
Bird populations of shelterbelt habitats in Lake County, SD Dale Droge and Jeffry Palmer
Calling surveys for flammulated owls and northern saw-whet owls in the central and southern Black Hills Nancy Hays
Breeding birds of the restricted pine-juniper shrub habitat in southwestern SD David Swanson
Natural history and abundance of whip-poor-wills and insectivorous bats in southeastern SD C. Loren Buck
Summer 2001 survey of the status of the American dipper on its historic range in the Black Hills, SD Rosemary Draeger and Linda Johnson
Natural history of whip-poor-wills and the importance of riparian habitat for insectivorous bats in southeast SD Jeffrey Lane, R. Mark Brigham, C. Loren Buck and Michael Swystun
Relative nesting success of neotropical woodland migrants in natural riparian woodlands and farmstead woodlots in southeastern SD David Swanson
Breeding birds of Newton Hills Rosemary Draeger and Linda Johnson
Burrowing owl occurrence and abundance on prairie dog colonies in Buffalo Gap National Grassland Travis Livieri
Surveys of woodpecker abundance and reproduction in response to the Jasper fire Kerri Vierling
Surveys for rare owl species in the Black Hills Bill Given
Sica Hollow State Park breeding bird survey Rosemary Draeger
Big Sioux River Bald Eagle nesting analysis Robert Schenck
Development of DNA fingerprinting markers for the American dipper Cynthia Anderson
Breeding bird survey of Oak Ridge GPA and Wilson Savanna Rosemary Draeger
Section-based monitoring of breeding birds on Grand River National Grassland Rob Sparks et al.
Survey for long-billed curlews on the Buffalo Gap National Grassland, SD Travis Livieri
Association of black-backed woodpeckers with mountain pine beetle infestations Joshua Millspaugh
Sprague's pipits and Baird's sparrows on the Grand River National Grassland Maiken Winter
Survey of black-tailed prairie dog colonies on Grand River National Grassland for burrowing owls Craig Knowles
Foraging behavior of ospreys in the Black Hills Jennifer Fowler
Efficacy of using radio monitored prey in locating active goshawk nests Chad Cyrus
Lake Oahe nesting gull and tern survey Ricky Olson
Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve breeding bird survey Rosemary Draeger and Linda Johnson
Effects of landscape and stand-level factors on forest songbird populations and diversity Adam Benson
Black-backed woodpeckers in the Black Hills Christopher Rota
Common Nighthawks in agricultural landscapes: thermal microclimates, nesting productivity and population genetic structure Gretchen Newberry and David Swanson


Survey of the fishes of the Bois de Sioux River in South Dakota Matthew Wagner
Distribution of the sturgeon chub in SD George Cunningham and Susanne Hickey
Lake chub survey Ricky Olson
Rare fish surveys in selected streams of eastern SD George Cunningham
Survey for southern redbelly dace in eastern SD Steve Wall
Finescale dace and lake chub survey Ricky Olson


Bat surveys and habitat use in western SD Joel Tigner
Faunal survey of the bats at the Oak Lake Research Station Scott Pedersen
A survey for the southern bog lemming in Tripp County, SD Ricky Olson
Distribution and roost site selection of bats in eastern SD Vicki Swier
Bat habitat in the Black Hills - Protection of abandoned mines Joel Tigner
Distribution and habitat associations of flying squirrels in the northern Black Hills Elizabeth Krueger
Black-footed ferret resource selection Joshua Millspaugh
Investigating possible hibernacula for the bat population of the Missouri River in SD Vicki Swier
Plague prevalence in Lower Brule Indian Reservation black-tailed prairie dog colonies Hugh Britten
Plague prevalence in swift fox and black-footed ferrets Erica Mize and Hugh Britten
Assessing the risk of plague to black-footed ferrets in Conata Basin, SD Travis Livieri
Black Hills Bat Hibernacula Surveys - Winter 2016-2017 Joel Tigner


Amphibian and bird acoustic surveys Jake Kerby
A preliminary amphibian and reptile survey of the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation, Todd County, SD Julie and Jody Hibma
Calling survey for the Blanchard's cricket frog in Tripp County, SD Ricky Olson
Cricket frog survey in Union County, SD Ron Wilmot, Mike Baker, Theresa Horton and Kim Meerdink
Blanding's turtle and herp survey in northeastern SD Tom Jessen
Herp. surveys of several state areas in southeast SD with an emphasis on the lined snake Dan Fogell
Surveys for sagebrush lizard in the Black Hills Brian Smith et al.
A general survey for the herpetofauna of the Big Sioux River Valley and southeast SD Tom Jessen
Surveys of the horned lizard at historical locations in SD Brian Smith and Hugh Quinn
Hibernacula microclimates and overwintering survival of Blanchard's cricket frog in SD David Swanson
Herpetological survey of eastern South Dakota Tom Jessen
Black Hills redbelly snake and smooth greensnake activity along roadways near presumed hibernacula Jodi Massie, Brian Smith, and Hugh Quinn