Podcast and Blast

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Podcast and Blast

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Podcast and Blast will talk about GFP issues, stories, outdoor topics and more.  Loose and free flowing conversations with staff and outdoor people from around the outdoor world, the Podcast and Blast makes for good listening coming to and from your deer stand, in the fishing boat or around a campfire. The opinions of our guests are not necessarily those of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.

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Episode 1: Diana Landegent and Chelsea Biehl

Episode 2: Josh Spies and Adam Oswald

Episode 3: John Cooper

Episode 4: The Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup

Episode 5: Hank Patterson, Heather Taylor

Episode 6: Pheasants Forever's Rooster Road Trip-Chislic, Birds and Habitat

Episode 7: All Things Deer and Laura Woods Bats

Episode 8: All Things Geese

Episode 9: Black Hills Ice Fishing and Mountain Lion Sightings

Episode 10: Flooding and Fishing

Episode 11: Zebra Mussels in Sharpe and Francis Case/CWD Proposal

Episode 12: Questions and Answers

Episode 13: Amazing Snakes and Fish Stories

Episode 14: Fish Stocking, Mercury in Lakes, and More Q&A

Episode 15: Emergency Outside Bathroom Stops and Picking Out and Training a Puppy

Episode 16: CWD with Switz and Griff

Episode 17: A Sit Down with GFP Secretary Kelly Hepler

Episode 18: Habitat Stamp

Episode 19: Discussion with Russ Olson

Episode 20: CREP and Snapshot SD

Episode 21: Ice Safety and TIPS

Episode 22: If You Care, Leave it There

Episode 23: South Dakota's Three Duck License Option

Episode 24: Ducks and Deer

Episode 25: East River Deer

Episode 26: GFP Secretary Kevin Robling

Episode 27: OnX

Episode 28: LFC and Lewis and Clark Fishing Outlook

Episode 29: Lake Sharpe and Oahe Outlook

Episode 30: Fishing SE SD

Episode 31: Glacial Lakes Fishing

Episode 32: Western SD and Black Hills Fishing

Episode 33: Hunting Maps

Episode 34: Ice Fishing Access

Episode 35: Clint Whitley and Austin Norton 

Episode 36: All Around Great Guy, Emmett Keyser

Episode 37: Pheasant Fest

Episode 38: Counting Critters with Nick Markl

Episode 39: Fisheries Roundtable

Episode 40: Dave Luccesi - Bait Shortages, Winterkill, and Managing Fish in the SE

Episode 41: The Ghosts of Ft Sisseton