Offline Public Hunting Atlas

Photo © Jeremy Waltner

Offline Public Hunting Atlas

If you own a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android (4.0.3 or newer) or windows you can take the SD Public Hunting Atlas offline with you by following the below instructions.

  • Download the free Avenza Maps app, available at to your mobile device.
  • Once you have Avenza on your mobile device, download the maps while running the app. Search for “SDGFP Hunting Atlas” to download it. This is best done using WiFi as it is typically faster and will incur no charge against your data service plan.

    With the app and maps installed on your mobile device, you will be able to:
  • View your location on the hunting atlas using the built-in GPS device.
  • Measure distances and areas
  • Plot waypoints
  • View maps offline

Limitations: The travel aid has several shortcomings, as described below.

  • WiFi-only tablets can provide some limited non-GPS positioning service, but only where WiFi coverage exists. Devices with 3G/4G capability are able to provide true GPS positioning, even in the absence of 3G/4G coverage.
  • Depending on the mobile device, the map’s orientation may be set to “north up”, and cannot be set to “track up” when GPS positioning is active. In other words, a motorist’s view of the map could show north-up even when driving in a southerly direction.
  • GPS positioning consumes more power than normal operation, so use of an approved power adapter is recommended.
  • Feature labels are static and in some situations could be off-screen. 
  • Travel aid functionality could be compromised if steeply rising terrain, dense vegetation, or other overhead obstructions significantly degrade GPS reception.