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GPS Downloads

Custom files for Garmin GPS units have been discontinued and will not be available in fall 2024. The technology that is used to build this custom data format is no longer being supported and is becoming obsolete. More and more GPS units are incompatible with the .img data format and the new data version available for Garmin GPS units does not allow for the level of detail needed to be used accurately in the field. The decision was made to discontinue support of this data format. We have several free alternatives that can be used that are offline capable: GFP Go Outdoors app and Avenza Maps (3rd party app). Alternatively, there are several subscription-based apps available that utilize our authoritative data such as onX Maps, GOHUNT, HuntStand, and Sportsman Tracker (Huntwise).

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KML file | Updated 10/11/2023  | Download File
KML file | Visit US Forest Service page

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