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Banded Osprey Report

/The Osprey is a fish-eating bird of prey that is listed as a state threatened species in South Dakota. A small population nests in the Black Hills, but Ospreys are very rare elsewhere in the state. Although historically documented in southeastern South Dakota, the first known successful nest in the state in recent times wasn't documented until 1991 at Pactola Reservoir in the Black Hills. Ospreys range throughout much of the world and are common in many parts of North America. This species responded well to the ban on DDT, which had caused eggshell thinning and led to population declines.

To help recover the Osprey in South Dakota, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) spearheaded a reintroduction effort. New funding sources allowed the agency to focus on fulfilling its legal responsibility to recover species that are threatened or endangered in the state.

Idaho-to-South Dakota Osprey Reintroduction Project

Beginning in 2004, young ospreys from Idaho were reintroduced near Yankton, South Dakota. If you observe an osprey with a band on its leg, record the date and location of your observation. Take note of band color and leg placement. 

For full report on the Osprey Reintroduction Project please visit the Wildlife Action Plan Explorer.

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