General Hunting/Fishing License Information

What are the rules and regulations in regards to road hunting?


Public road rights-of-way are open for the hunting of small game and waterfowl. No person may hunt within 660 feet of schools, churches, occupied dwellings and livestock. The hunter or the small game animal being shot should not be within the 660-foot safety zone.

The public right-of-way along a section line or other highway is open for hunting if:

  • The right-of-way has been commonly used by the public for vehicular travel, as demonstrated by the existence of a well-worn vehicle trail.
  • An intentional alteration or adaptation has been made to the right-of-way to enhance the natural terrain's utility for vehicular travel or to permit vehicular travel where it was not possible before.

Fences may not be placed on a right-of-way boundary, and occasionally, there is no fence. Most section line rights-of-way are 66 feet wide. Some acquired rights-of-way are wider.