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Lewis and Clark Lake Catfish

Channel Catfish

Flathead Catfish

Lewis and Clark Lake Channel and Flathead Catfish Regulations (For more information on Missouri River Regulations, see the 2014 Fishing Handbook, pages 16-18)

These regulations apply to waters of the Missouri River from Gavins Point Dam upstream to the South Dakota/Nebraska border where the river becomes entirely in SD..*

*No daily or possession limit from the SD/Nebraska border upstream to Fort Randall Dam.

Channel catfish may be the best kept secret of the Missouri River reservoirs!
Lewis and Clark Lake is no exception with excellent numbers and sizes present. In 2013, channel catfish abundance was above average. Mean length was 16 inches and fish as big as 31 inches were sampled. In 2010, there was a strong year class produced which will likely result in increased catch rates of channel catfish in 2014.

Flathead catfish are present in Lewis and Clark Lake and can provide angling opportunities for those willing to search for them. In 2013, flathead catfish up to 28 inches and 9 pounds were sampled; however, surveys from recent years have produced flatheads over 25 pounds!

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