Lake Sharpe Rainbow Trout


Rainbow Trout

The tailrace area below Oahe Dam is well known for trophy trout fishing. Anglers commonly catch large rainbow trout in the marina next to the tailrace during the winter and spring and in the tailrace throughout the year. In April, catchable rainbow trout (9-11 inches long) are stocked in the marina. This provides an excellent angling opportunity for kids and adults. Catchable rainbow trout that survive their first spring in Lake Sharpe can grow to a large size in the Oahe Dam tailrace, adding to the number of large rainbow trout available to anglers.

Sportsmen Assisting Disabled Sportsmen (SANDS)

The SANDS program was created to help men and women and children with disabilities by providing a means for them to meet able-bodied outdoors men and women who volunteer their time and abilities. By lending a helping hand they are able to assist the disabled to get back something they might have lost or never had.

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