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Lake Sharpe Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass are found throughout Lake Sharpe, but the best fishing is in the lower half of the reservoir. Smallmouth bass are the second most frequently caught species (walleye are most common) by anglers in Lake Sharpe.  Shore fishing opportunities are best in May and June. 

Smallmouth bass spawn in May to early June in Lake Sharpe. The male builds a nest in the shallows and attracts a female to his nest. The male will guard the nest and newly hatched fry for some time after hatching. After spawning, smallmouth bass will disperse from the shallows and cruise the “flats” for food during the summer, feeding to regain strength spent spawning. Walleye anglers often fishing the “flats” during June and July commonly catch smallmouth bass.  

Lake Sharpe has a quality smallmouth bass population. 

Lake Sharpe smallmouth bass grow quickly to 15 inches. However, growth tends to slow down once a smallmouth bass reaches 15 inches with several more years of growth are needed for them to achieve larger sizes.

White Bass


White bass in Lake Sharpe provide an additional sport fishery to anglers. 

The average size of Lake Sharpe’s white bass is 14 inches which can provide a good tug on the end of a line.  White bass concentrate in the months of late-April, May, and June and can provide fast angling action during their spawning runs. 

To fish for white bass look for them in May and June, especially in the upper third of the reservoir.  Fish the windblown shorelines using jigs with plastic tails and small crankbaits. 

White bass are excellent to eat if served fresh with the red meat trimmed from the fillets.