Lake Francis Case Channel Catfish


Lake Francis Case Channel Catfish Regulations: There is no daily or possession limit on channel catfish on Lake Francis Case.

Channel catfish are found throughout LFC. They are plentiful but often overlooked by most anglers. LFC catfish are slow growing and long lived. Catfish in the angler harvest during 2013 averaged over 16 inches long (7 or 8 years old). Shore fishing with live, cut, or stink bait is an effective method to catch catfish, especially in the summer. Fishing in the backs of large bays and on mud-flats with a variety of baits such as night crawlers, minnows, and commercially prepared baits has proven successful. Most channel catfish caught on Lake Francis Case are incidental catches by walleye anglers. Only 1.3% of anglers fishing LFC in 2013 were specifically targeting channel catfish. Estimated harvest of channel catfish in 2013 was 13,399. Anglers willing to change a few tactics and specifically target channel catfish are in for a great fishing trip. Channel catfish are easy to catch and excellent to eat! The chart below illustrates the sizes of channel catfish in the Lake Francis Case population.

Keeping white bass, catfish and other species INSTEAD OF WALLEYE will help maintain our walleye population during periods of low reproduction and recruitment.

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