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Lake Francis Case Fishing Forecast

Biologists working on Lake Francis Case annually survey both the fish population and angler use and harvest of that population. Over time, information collected from these surveys identifies trends in fish population dynamics and angler use and harvest. This long-term data helps biologists evaluate the effectiveness of past management efforts and predict future fishing trends.

Year Hours of Fishing Walleye Harvest
2009 587,786 143,383
2010 480,884 102,973
2011 633,536 248,773
2012 616,337 195,859
2013 736,121 235,608
2014 652,313 165,915

It is no secret that anglers come to South Dakota to enjoy the fantastic walleye fishing our great state has to offer. Lake Francis Case is no exception. A vast majority of anglers fishing Lake Francis Case are targeting walleye. Results from the 2014 April-July creel survey showed that 92% of the anglers fished primarily for walleye. While many other fish species provide excellent angling opportunities and great table fare, only a small percentage of anglers specifically target these species.

Protect our Waters

You can do your part for the health and productivity of South Dakota's waters by being proactive in preventing the spread of invasive plant, fish and animal species that threaten to crowd out native species.