Missouri River Fisheries Surveys

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (SDGFP) conduct a variety of surveys to assess adult fish populations, young fish production, fishing pressure, and harvest on the Missouri River. Fisheries management questions can be directed to Chris Longhenry at the Missouri River Fisheries Center, Ft. Pierre, SD. Office telephone 605.223.7704.

Creel Surveys provide information on:

  • Fishing pressure
  • Catch and harvest of fish species
  • Angler demographics and preferences

Lake Surveys provide information on:

  • Species composition and relative abundance
  • Population size structure
  • Fish condition
  • Fish ages and growth
  • Survival and mortality rates
  • Reproduction

 Information from surveys is accessed by the links below:

Most Recent Lake Survey Reports

Boating Safety and Regulations

Please follow these rules for a safe and enjoyable time on the water.

Protect our Waters

Aquatic nuisance species threaten threaten our lakes and steams, and can spoil everyone's enjoyment of the water.

Public Fishing Waters

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