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  • How to Report Rare, Threatened or Endangered Species

    Do you know of natural habitat in South Dakota that supports rare, threatened or endangered species? Maybe you are aware of an exemplary natural area that may harbor rare species? If so, you should contact the South Dakota Natural Heritage Program.Contact us by e-mail.


    Rare Plant Report Form
    Rare Animal Report Form

    Documentation of any report of rare, threatened or endangered species is extremely important. The reporter should support the report with photographs, specimens (if specimens can be legally and ethically taken), written descriptions describing identification characteristics, or past experience with the species. Location, habitat, and any other pertinent biological information should also be recorded. Reports should be sent to staff of the South Dakota Natural Heritage Program. Sightings of migratory birds do not need to be reported with the exception of Whooping Cranes, Eskimo Curlews, and Mountain Plovers. Report wintering concentrations of Bald Eagles and large annual concentrations of migratory shorebirds. For other bird species tracked by the SD Natural Heritage Program, information on breeding birds should be reported.

  • Make a Data Request
  • State Endangered Species Permit Procedure
    If you plan to sample or collect any species listed as a state threatened or endangered species, you must request a state endangered species permit. To apply for a state endangered species permit, follow these instructions.
The Wildlife Diversity Program maintains this information.Learn more about the program.

Fragile Legacy, Rare Animals of South Dakota

This booklet contains accounts of some of South Dakota's rarest animal species. Request a free copy of this 46-page publication.

Rare Fish of Eastern South Dakota

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