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Controlled Hunter Access Program

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make an OnLine reservation

Hunters are able to reserve a spot to hunt on select CHAP areas in South Dakota. As a convenience for hunters and landowners, this system allows hunters to reserve permission to hunt, up to 8 days in advance, on lands leased for public hunting access through CHAP. Through the CHAP program, GFP leases the hunting rights on private lands for the public. Most lands in CHAP have a limited number of hunters allowed per day. They can also have restrictions on the type of game that may be hunted and the hunting seasons they are open to. Landowners receive payment from GFP based on the number of hunters that hunt the CHAP.

Currently, CHAP areas in Kingsbury and Turner Counties are utilizing the online reservation system.

Make a reservation and log in using the same username and password you would to apply for or purchase a hunting and fishing license.

Hunters are required to have a valid hunting license for the game they intend to hunt in order to make a reservation. Once a reservation is made, hunters need to print off their permission slip. There will be a check-in box located near a designated parking area on the CHAP property for hunters to drop off their slip on the day of the hunt. Hunters should retain half of the permission slip as proof of permission until they have completed their hunt for the day. GFP requests that you drop the second half of the permission slip in the check-in box when you are done hunting for the day.