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Plans for Rare speicies that live along the

Missouri River

In 2002, the US Army Corps of Engineers transferred approximately 14,000 acres along the Missouri River to South Dakota. Eventually, 91,178 wildlife and recreation acres will be transferred to the state. These lands are prime recreation sites, providing areas for camping, birding, hunting and fishing, as well allowing increased boating access. The transferred lands are also important to many wildlife species, including four on the federal and state threatened or endangered species lists; the bald eagle*, least tern, piping plover, and pallid sturgeon.

Since the land has been transferred to South Dakota, Game, Fish and Parks has primary responsibility for managing endangered species on those lands. The State, along with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, developed an agreement to ensure that these species continue to be protected under state management. South Dakota is committed to creating and enhancing habitat for the listed species along the Missouri and throughout the state. Game, Fish and Parks has developed a set of management plans for the four listed species that live along the Missouri.

*The bald eagle was delisted from the state list of threatened species during 2015 due to recovery.

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