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Bat populations are in decline due to habitat loss and fragmentation, roost disturbance, lack of public awareness, and poor regulatory measures. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks and the South Dakota Bat Working Group recognize the ecological and economic benefits of bats and are initiating efforts to protect habitats and conserve bats in South Dakota. The South Dakota Bat Working Group seeks to protect bats and bat habitat through action, education, and cooperation with federal, state, and private landowners. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, specifically the Wildlife Diversity Program, seeks to inventory, protect, and manage species and habitats in a manner that meets the needs and desires of the people of the state while protecting South Dakota's biological diversity.

The main goal of the South Dakota Bat Management Plan is to provide guidance promoting long-term conservation of South Dakota bat species through research, management, and education. This plan includes background information on bats, management objectives and strategies, and numerous appendices. Through the implementation of this plan, bat conservation efforts will be strengthened and cooperation among agencies, organizations, and landowners, as well as regulatory measures, will be enhanced. Because this plan is designed to be adaptive, each participating agency, group, individual, or organization will be asked to provide annual updates, progress reports regarding objectives and strategies they are conducting or have fulfilled. They updates will help refine goals, objectives and specific strategies. In addition, as new information is learned regarding habitat requirements, population data, or other vital information it will be incorporated into future plan revisions.