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October 16, 2013 - Garmin GPS Maps Updated
Changes since the last update include land that has been removed from the WIA program, added to the WIA program and added to CREP. These changes are located in Dewey, Walworth, Brown, Marshall, Day, Beadle, Brookings, Turner, and Hutchinson County.  If you do not hunt these parts of the state, there is no need to update from the last version of the GPS downloads posted September 27th, 2013. 

Magellan and Lawrance discontinued

WELCOME to the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks GPS Mapping Tool.

Since its inception, the downloadable South Dakota GPS mapping system has provided assistance to nearly 11,000 hunters in locating, scouting and hunting the wide variety of public lands across our state. This system, in conjunction with our Wildlife Inventory and Management Application (WILMA), is helping hunters maximize their time in the field.

We have enhanced these systems to make them more user friendly, and will continue to seek modifications that allow sportsmen to enjoy the abundant public land resources we have in South Dakota.

Have a safe and successful fall hunting season.

Jeff Vonk
South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Secretary

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