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Frequently Asked Questions for Garmin Units

What information will I see on my GFP mapping program once I have it loaded onto my unit?
All public hunting areas (Bureau of Land Management, School and Public Lands, Walk-In Areas, Game Production Areas, Forest Service, etc.), cities and county lines, and roads. Our maps for Garmin units will overlay on top of any maps your unit has preloaded.

My Garmin doesn't have memory card capability. Will your maps still work?
In most cases, yes. If it doesn't have a memory card slot, most units have a minimum of 8mb of internal memory, which should be enough to handle our maps. Refer to your owner's manual or to find your unit's internal memory capability. Go to our step by step instructions to download maps to your unit.

Will these maps work on a Garmin Nuvi?
Yes, they currently work on all Nuvi models.

I have topo maps on my Garmin unit. Why can't I see the topo lines within the public hunting areas?
We currently can't make our maps transparent and because many public hunting areas have private in holdings, we did not want to use just an outline to define them.

If I have topo maps on my Garmin unit, will your maps erase the maps currently on it?
If you are using a unit with preloaded topo such as the Oregon 400T or the Colorado 400T, no. If you purchased a memory card with the topo map on it, and your unit doesn't have internal memory (an example would be the Garmin 60 CSX) then you can use the "add to existing maps" check box on the map upload software to add our map to the existing topo maps.