Group Reservations

Reservation Center: 1.800.710.CAMP (2267)

Online Reservations: not accepted at this time
Dates: Can be made one year in advance.

Reservation Fee: $7.70 per site, non refundable (not applicable to South Dakota residents)
Annual Park Permit: Required

With all there is to do and see, South Dakota state parks make the perfect site for your group camping outing. Group campsites are available at Custer State Park and at Lewis and Clark Recreation Area. Call 1.800.710.2267.

Requirements & Specifications

  • To qualify as a group reservation, a minimum of 10 sites must be reserved, or an entire "group loop" at Lewis and Clark consisting of 8 or 10 campsites.
  • Reservations for group sites are available for arrival dates during the reservation season of each park.
  • Reservations can only be made for those sites designated as group sites.
  • A limited number of group sites are available in each park.
  • Prime sites are not included.
  • A two-night minimum stay is required.
  • Cabins and picnic shelters may be included in some parks.

Nonprofit youth groups are eligible for discount camping.

Camping Fees

Payment is required before a confirmation is made. Payment can be made by credit card, check or gift card. Checks are processed electronically. There is a $7.70 per site non-refundable reservation fee, which is not applicable to South Dakota residents.

Additional Sites

Each of the parks accepting group reservations has a limited number of campsites available for group reservations. Additional sites or facilities are subject to the regular 90-day window requirements.


Double-ups are allowed on group reservation sites with prior approval from the park manager, as long as the site is a designated double-up site. Double-up fees will be paid at the park when you arrive.

Other Facilities & Accommodations

To reserve a 20 x 20 foot or 20 x 40 foot canopy for special events held at Newton Hills State Park or Union Grove State Park call 605.987.2263.

To reserve the historic buildings, kitchenette shelter and/or the large tent at Fort Sisseton State Park for meetings, reunions or weddings, call 605.448.5474.

To reserve the kitchenette shelter at Pierson Ranch Recreation Area, contact the park at 605.668.2985.


After a group reservation is made, a fee of one night's stay will be charged for each campsite cancelled. A $25 fee will be charged for camping cabin and lodge cancellations. Cancellation fees are effective immediately upon making the reservations.

Lodge Reservation / Cancellation Fee

A $25 fee will be charged for canceling a lodge reservation more than 30 days in advance. A fee of $25/night will be charged on lodge cancellations made less than 30 days in advance.