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Parking, self-sale trail passes, vault toilets, and tables are available at all trailheads (no toilets or tables at White Elephant). Additional services found near the trailheads are designated below. Water is available seasonally at most trailheads.

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Deadwood was named for the burned trees the miners found in this area when they came in search of gold. The town was a prosperous placer camp in 1876. It is the final resting place of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

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Near the old railroad depot on Sherman Street in Deadwood

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 44.371074
Long: -103.728030

3.5 miles to Kirk Trailhead LodgingFoodPhone
Drinking WaterCampingRestrooms


Kirk Power Plant was built in the 1920s to help power the Homestake Gold Mine. Coal came in by rail from Wyoming and a plume of water came from Englewood.

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1/2 mile south of Lead on Hwy. 85 and 1 1/2 miles west

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 44.342424
Long: -103.758172

1.6 miles to Lead Trailhead Restrooms


Lead, home of the Homestake Mining Company, was originally called "Washington". The Homestake Mine produced gold since 1876, operating both an open cut and an underground mine over 8,000 feet below the surface.

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The city of Lead

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 44.346644
Long: -103.780634

0.4 miles to Sugarloaf Trailhead RestroomsLodgingFood
PhoneDrinking WaterWarming shelter with wood burning stove


Old railroad ties are still in place under the gravel between Sugarloaf Trailhead and Deadwood. This trailhead is not on the main line, but is part of the fantail loop.

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1 mile southwest of Lead on Hwy. 85

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 44.331497
Long: -103.788501

4.8 miles to Englewood Trailhead Restrooms


Englewood was established as Ten-Mile Ranch, a stagecoach stop in the late 1870s. The name was changed when Englewood became a railroad center with the construction of the Spearfish branch leading from there in 1893. A roundhouse, depot, water tower and small yard made Englewood a bustling railroad spot for many years.

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6 miles west of Hwy. 385 on Brownsville Road

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 44.297035
Long: -103.784300

6 miles to Dumont Trailhead Drinking WaterRestroomsWarming shelter with wood burning stove


Dumont was named for an early French settler named Charles Dumont. The town was founded in 1890 as a lumber town and a shipping point for cattle. A spur of the railroad line went northwest to Hanna.

In the winter, the Dumont Trailhead is a major snowmobile trailhead. Orange diamond-shaped metal markers on the trees mark the snowmobile trails. Snowmobiles are allowed on the trail only between Dumont and Deadwood during specified months of the year.

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Forest Service Road 17

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 44.227063
Long: -103.786111

8.7 miles north of Rochford Trailhead Drinking WaterRestroomsWarming shelter with wood burning stove


In 1878, Rochford was home to 100 log cabins, three saloons, six stores, two hotels, a drugstore, a butcher shop and a barber shop. Later a post office was built along with a school house where Annie Tallent once taught. By 1881, there were only three people living in Rochford - the miners had moved to other locations to find their gold.

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Near the Rochford Fire Station

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 44.122247
Long: -103.713435

8 miles to Mystic Trailhead FoodPhoneDrinking Water
RestroomsWarming shelter with wood burning stove


The town of Mystic, first named "Sitting Bull", has 2 claims to fame. The first involves gold mining along Castle Creek: An experimental plant was built in 1904 by the Electro-Chemical Reduction Company to extract gold by electro-cynide or electro-chlorination processes. The second claim to fame was the railroad: One line, the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, was a north/south railroad stretched south from Deadwood. A second line, later called the Crouch Line, went from Rapid City to Mystic where it intersected with the north/south railroad.

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12 miles north of Hill City on Mystic Road

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 44.076611
Long: -103.639388

14.6 miles to Burlington Northern Hill City Trailhead Drinking WaterRestroomsWarming shelter with wood burning stove

Burlington Northern Hill City

Hill City, the second oldest town in the Black Hills, was founded in 1876. Through the years it has been known for its mining, logging and ranching. Tourism is today's most common draw to the community.

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In Tracy City Park in Hill City

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 43.927400
Long: -103.573983

10.5 miles to The Mountain Trailhead LodgingFoodDrinking Water
CampingBicycles / RepairRestrooms
Warming shelter with wood burning stove

The Mountain

View the Crazy Horse Monument from this site. Korczak Ziolkowski began carving the mounted warrior in 1948. The Crazy Horse sculpture is planned to be 500 feet high by 600 feet long. Crazy Horse was the Lakota Sioux warrior who engineered the defeat of General George Custer's army.

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3 miles north of Custer on Hwy 385

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 43.802882
Long: -103.635160

5 miles to Harbach Park Trailhead Drinking WaterRestrooms

Harbach Park / Custer

Custer is the oldest town in the Black Hills. It was named after Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer whose 1874 expedition discovered gold on the banks of French Creek which was near the present day downtown of Custer. Ten thousand miners flocked to this area to search for riches - the last big gold rush in the United States.

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Harbach City Park in Custer, across the street from the Chamber of Commerce

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 43.765129
Long: -103.597869

0.5 miles to Custer Spur Trailhead LodgingFoodPhone
Drinking WaterCampingBicycles / Repair

Custer Spur to Stockade Lake

This section is paved, no horse traffic allowed

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45 3.2 mile spur connects the trail to Stockade lake 9.7 miles to White Elephant Trailhead Restrooms

White Elephant

Feldspar was once mined at the White Elephant mine on the east side of the highway. The area where the mine once operated is still visible today.

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Along Hwy. 385

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 43.653867
Long: -103.590417

3.6 miles to Pringle Trailhead None


Mining and lumbering are the two main enterprises in the small town of Pringle (once known as "Point of Rocks"). The Buffalo Gap Lumber Company operated here in 1904. The company turned out over 600,000 feet of lumber annually.

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West side of Hwy. 385 near the Pringle Fire Station.

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 43.609095
Long: -103.592929

16 miles to Minnekahta Trailhead FoodPhoneRestrooms
Warming shelter with wood burning stoveDrinking Water


Minnekahta was originally a water stop and the junction of the Hot Springs branch of the railroad. The water in this area is so hard that water had to be brought in by tank cars, and pumped into the water tower to have it available for the steam locomotives. In the early 1890s, tourists came by train to enjoy the warm water spas of Hot Springs.

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1/2 mile east of the Jct. of Hwys. 18 and 89

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 43.431725
Long: -103.688905

16 miles to Edgemont Trailhead Drinking WaterRestroomsWarming shelter with wood burning stove


Edgemont was founded in 1889 as the railroad (Grand Island and Wyoming Central - a subsidiary of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy) base camp on the south side of the Cheyenne River. Several thousand construction workers and associated crews began built the railroad line that is now the Mickelson Trail. In the 1960s and 1970s, miners worked in the Edgemont area seeking uranium ore for nuclear development, but mining the ore was not profitable, so it was discontinued.

Mile Post Location Length Facilities

South end of Main Street in Edgemont

GPS Coordinates
Lat: 43.298250
Long: -103.824724

RestroomsDrinking WaterWarming shelter with wood burning stove