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Grace Coolidge Campground


Mouse over site number for campsite photo

Site Size Type Shade
1E1E 20' Tent None
2E2E 30' Any Unit None
3E3E 25' Any Unit Part
4E4E 28' Any Unit Part
5E5E 20' Any Unit Part
6E6E 20' Any Unit Full
7E7E 20' Any Unit Part
8E8E 40' Any Unit Full
9E9E 20' Tent Part
10E10E 25' Any Unit Part
11E11E 42' Any Unit Part
12E12E 20' Any Unit Part
13E13E 40' Any Unit None
14E14E 15' Tent Only Part
15E15E 55' Any Unit None
16E16E 40' Any Unit - ADA Accessible site None
17E17E 30' Any Unit Full
18E18E 40' Any Unit Full
19E19E 40' Any Unit Full
20E20E 55' Any Unit Full
21E Camp Host21E Camp Host 65' Any Unit None
2222 15' Tent Only
Campsite near creek a short distance from the parking area
2323 15' Tent Only Part
2424 15' Tent Only Part
2525 15' Tent Only Part
2626 15' Tent Only Part
2727 15' Tent Only Part
Grace Coolidge Tent AreaTent Area Restrooms
Showers are at main campground within walking distance