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Volunteer Instructor

Purpose: To instruct groups of children, often with another volunteer instructor, in outdoor skills and outdoor education classses.


All the duties/responsibilities of an Education Assistant, PLUS:

  • Attend additional training(s) to learn how to lead the outdoor education classes that you wish to instruct.
  • In some classes volunteer instructors will work with the education coordinator or naturalist intern and yet lead several activities on their own. In other classes, volunteer instructors will lead the entire class on their own or with another volunteer instructor.
  • We anticipate training volunteer instructors in only a few classes each season, such as snowshoeing, fishing skills, and preschool classes.
  • Volunteer Instructor Orientation will be set after Registration Day each season once program demand is known.


  • Prerequisite: One season as an education assistant.
  • Leadership and teaching skills.
  • You do not need to be an expert. We will teach you what you need to know!

Training Required:

  • Education Assistant Orientation
  • Additional Volunteer Instructor Training in each of the classes that you want to instruct.

Time Commitment:

  • Work a minimum of 4 programs/season. (An all day field trip counts as 2 programs). You are welcome to volunteer more!
  • You may do any combination of assisting and instructing to fulfill your 4 program minimum per season.
  • Volunteer instructor demand will depend on program interest by groups signing up.


All the benefits of the education assistant, PLUS:

  • Take it from an old school teacher - you will learn more about an outdoor skill or natural history if you teach it to others!
  • More responsibility and challenge than work as an education assistant.
  • Satisfaction of knowing that you help kids gain confidence and knowledge in outdoor skills and outdoor awareness.
  • More experience - and better stories!
  • Get to walk in the front of the hike instead of the back.

Questions or comments?

Contact Rachel Chamblin, Volunteer Coordinator

The Outdoor Campus
4500 S. Oxbow Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57106-4114