VOLUNTEER - Outdoor Campus East

Fish Feeder

Purpose: To provide proper care to the fish in the aquarium and to educate the public about South Dakota fish.


  • Obtain specified fish food from local supplier
  • Feed the fish the required amount of food on the scheduled day
  • Inform our visitors about what you are doing and the types of fish they are seeing
  • Return all supplies to their proper place and clean up any spills in the aquarium area


  • Able to obtain the food from local suppliers (normally Scheels or J &M Bait and Tackle)
  • Able to reach the top of the tank in order to feed the fish
  • Must be willing to feed the fish small pieces of nightcrawlers
  • Able to clean up any spills on glass or graphic area of aquarium
  • Able to identify the fish in our aquarium and know basic facts about them
  • Enjoyment of visiting with people in a fun, entertaining atmosphere
  • Supervising people of all ages and directing them to further areas of interest.

Training Required:

  • Volunteer Orientation

Time Commitment:

  • A minimum of one feeding per month. May work more frequently
  • Time needed: any time after 10 am and before 3 pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays


  • A peaceful, enjoyable atmosphere to mingle with people and share their interests and enthusiasm.
  • Opportunity to experience the excitement of seeing the fish feed and learning their individual characteristics
  • Opportunity to share the enthusiasm of our visitors in watching the fish feed
  • Increase your knowledge of fish in South Dakota
  • Escape from everyday stress and absorb the beauty of our facility and the visitors who enjoy it

Questions or comments?

Contact Rachel Chamblin, Volunteer Coordinator

The Outdoor Campus
4500 S. Oxbow Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57106-4114