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my first fish

There are many great adventures for you and your family to enjoy in the South Dakota's outdoors, we invite you to share your memories with others. Submit a photo and story to have it included in one of the "My First" pages. Entries are not limited to just children - anyone who has experienced something new in the outdoors can submit an entry!

My First Hunt Photo
Kinsley, age 4 had a great July 4th fishing at Lake Henry. Definitely put her new rod and reel to the test!.
- Photo submitted by her father, Mike Fitzgerald.

My First Hunt Photo
Logan, age 3 from Sioux Falls, shows off his first Crappie, while fishing with Grandpa and Grandma John & Joan Gadbois.
- Photo submitted by John Gadbois.

My First Hunt Photo

1st fishing expedition to Lake Cochrane;

  • New pole and tackle = $25
  • Worms = $1.50
  • Sunscreen = $2.17
  • First Large Mouth Bass = Priceless!

PS - Catch and release, so other may enjoy the same experience in the future!
- Photo submitted by Barry Morris.

My First Hunt Photo
Levi, age 4, caught this fish while camping at Menno Lake.
- Photo submitted by Bryan Derby.

My First Hunt Photo Keegan
Keegan Kitts, age 5. First ice fishing trip and perch with his dad. Great fishing experience with friends and family in Pierre, SD.
- Photo submitted by Jordan Kitts.

My First Hunt Photo Taylor
With his new fishing pole, Taylor caught his first crappie! This location is now his favorite spot and is the first place he asks to go when I tell him it's time to go fishing! Way to go Taylor!

My First Hunt Photo Jackson
Jackson's first fish, he caught it on Covel Lake in Sioux Falls, SD. Photo taken by his dad, Jeffrey Douglas.

My First Hunt Photo Evan
Evan's first time out this year, he enjoyed the day with Dad and Grandpa.

My First Hunt Photo Nathan & Noel
Here are a couple of pictures of Nathan (5) and Noel (5) on their first fishing trip and it was a success! Hooked them for life!
- Vicki Kist

My First Hunt Photo

Noah Tietsort, 12 years old, Custer SD. Noah and his Dad each caught their first paddle fish this year, what a blast. We are "hooked" on paddle fishing and can't wait to go again! Thank you!
- Ron Tietsort

My First Hunt Photo
Age 2 1/2, first fish!

My First Hunt Photo Lainey
Lainey, age 6, with small mouth bass she caught off Big D's dock (Marion's Garden "Lake")

My First Hunt Photo

My mom woke me up at 8:30 to go out on the boat fishing. I did not want to go. I wanted to sleep in. We decided to go fishing at Peoria Flats. I had a big fish on my line but my mom and I lost it. It was in the net and it flopped out. I felt sad and my mom and dad said someday I would catch another big fish. Fifteen minutes later I saw my dad's pole going down. I grabbed my dad's pole and started reeling in the fish as fast as I could. My mom got the net and they helped me get my fish in the boat. It was 28" long and weighed 8 lbs, 2 ounces. Mom and Dad told me later that they did not think "someday" would be in fifteen minutes!

While my dad was measuring my 28" walleye and putting it away, my pole went down. I reeled it in and caught a 25" walleye. That was a fishing trip I will never forget!
- Isaak Rombough

My First Hunt Photo Evan
1 out of 6 fish caught during Evan's first fishing trip. Caught on Summit Lake. Being just under 2 years old in the picture it was the first of many fishing trips. Evan can't wait to go again. He loves spending time in the outdoors!
- Tyler and Evan Henderson

My First Hunt Photo

After a few unsuccessful fishing trips, Ryan went to Lake Mitchell with a co-worker of mine and they hammered the bluegills! Ryan insisted they also keep two sheepshead so they could show them to me. After learning how to fillet them, we had a fish fry to celebrate their success. According to Ryan, "This was the best day ever!"

My First Hunt Photo

Charlotte's adventures to the farm ponds near Pierre began when she was two months old. By the time she was two, she was more than ready to reel in even the biggest of fish. I think her smile says it all, but mostly it says "look what we did... when can we go again." Our fishing outings are quite often, but for both of us, they aren't often enough!
- Chris Hull

My First Hunt Photo Hadley
We asked the nurses how old Hadley had to be before she could go out in a boat. The response was "2 weeks?". So when she was 16 days old, she went on her first fishing trip on Lake Oahe. We learned two things on that trip, the rumble of a boat motor can put a kid to sleep in seconds and you're never too young to go fishing!
- Geno Adams

My First Hunt Photo Jacob
Last summer, two year old Jacob McEntee caught his first fish on his family's farm pond near Mitchell. Using his "Disney Cars" fishing pole, a slip bobber and a few slimy leeches, Jacob was able to hook and land 10 bluegill on his first fishing trip!
- Jeff McEntee