my first outdoor experience

There are many great adventures for you and your family to enjoy in the South Dakota's outdoors, we invite you to share your memories with others. Submit a photo and story to have it included in one of the "My First" pages. Entries are not limited to just children - anyone who has experienced something new in the outdoors can submit an entry!

Each of the categories are limited to 20 entries at a time, as new ones come in the oldest will be removed.

  • Submit your first outdoor experience!
    Please include the following:
    - Photo, should be of good quality and taste.
    - A little information about the experience and any lessons learned (50 words or less).
    - Name of person in photo, and name of person sumbitting entry.
  • Please email your digital photo (as attachment) and information to:

My first photo entries

The Value

Introduce someone to the outdoors... the first memory, and many more to come will be remembered forever!