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Critter Crates

Statewide Critter Crates

These crates are sponsored by SD Game, Fish and Parks and The Outdoor Campus East.

The Outdoor Campus East has several critter and other resource crates available for teachers and groups to borrow. Call 605.362.2777 or email to ask for the content list for any of the crates below or to make a crate reservation.


Sioux Falls Area Critter Crates

These crates are available for use by any adult in South Dakota who makes a reservation and pays the $75 deposit per crate, but they are not shipped. Borrowers will need to make arrangements for their pickup and return.

South Dakota Natural Resource Crates from other Places

These crates are located in various spots around the state. Contact information is supplied with each location.


The Outdoor Campus has several different posters available for classroom use, including South Dakota Bats, Fish, Prairies, and "For the Birds," a poster featuring the birds of South Dakota.

Butterfly Activities for the Classroom and Playground