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becoming an outdoors woman

More and more women are enjoying the outdoors with friends, families, children, husbands, and on their own. GFP's Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) workshops offer basic lessons to enhance your enjoyment of nature and outdoor recreation in a comfortable setting with your peers.

We began hosting BOW workshops in 1994. The main workshop is offered one weekend each year in mid September.

Traditionally, the weekend begins at 11a.m. Friday morning and is finished after lunch on Sunday.

One hundred adults, primarily women, will each be able to choose four sessions during the weekend. There are more than 30 class choices, with topics ranging from shooting and hunting, to fishing, to other outdoor recreational activities like camping, canoeing, photography, orienteering, and bird watching.

Hands-on experiences and a friendly learning environment are stressed in each class. BOW workshops are aimed at women participants 18 years and older, with female instructors wherever possible. This helps participants overcome the barriers of few female role models for outdoor activities, and the social pressure that indicates that hunting, fishing and other forms of outdoor recreation are "men's activities." There is no upper age limit of participating in this workshop, in face a former BOW mountain biking instructor is over 70 years old!

Cost and registration information for the 2013 workshop will be available soon. The price included lodging, meals, instruction and equipment. There will be 10 scholarships of $70 each awarded to those who need assistance to be able to attend the weekend.

South Dakota is one of 53 states and Canadian provinces that offer BOW workshops. For information on workshop dates in other states, contact the national website for BOW workshops, which is based at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

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