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Operating a Safe and Successful Preserve

To operate a successful hunting business you will need to offer quality bird hunting opportunities in natural surroundings. Such operators will provide hunts in natural habitat conditions or field plantings with quality guides and well-trained dogs. The operator and guides must know the hunters abilities and cater a hunt that meets their physical conditions or needs. Conducting pre-hunt trapshooting will allow you to determine the shooting abilities of the hunters. You will also be able to note better gun handling habits and safety concerns. Safe gun handling and shooting always needs to be stressed to your hunters. The hunters must know your hunting guidelines/rules and gun safety concerns before the hunt begins. The following concerns should be expressed to your hunters:


  1. Always know the position of the other hunters or blockers, shots at low-flying birds may endanger another hunter or a dog.
  2. All participants should wear a highly visible colored cap, shirt, or vest, and the use of protective glasses is recommended.
  3. The shooting of birds on the ground should not be allowed.
  4. With close flushing birds, do not rush the shot. Let the bird fly to a reasonable range before attempting a shot.
  5. The shooting of any other game animals should not be allowed. What was thought to be a coyote or fox may end up being a prized hunting dog. A pheasant hunt is for pheasants only.
  6. Save the alcohol until after the hunts.