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private Shooting Preserve Licenses


One of the following licenses would qualify a resident to hunt small game on shooting preserves for the calendar year:

  • Resident Small Game License ($33.00),
  • Resident Combination License - small game and fishing ($55.00),
  • Resident 1-Day Small Game License ($12.00),
  • Resident Youth Small Game Licenses - ages of 12 through 15 years ($5.00), or
  • Resident Junior Combination License for fishing, small game, and trapping - ages 16 through 18 years ($27.00).

    A license purchased for the year 2016 will be valid through 1/31/2017 and a 2017 license can be purchased on 12/15/2016 and is valid through 1/31/2018.

















Nonresident Shooting Preserve Licenses:

Any of the following licenses are valid on private shooting preserve acres for the birds listed on the operator's permit:


Nonresidents who are at least 12 years of age, or will turn 12 by December 31, may apply for or buy licenses and may hunt in any open season beginning September 1. Non-residents younger than 12 cannot hunt in South Dakota. To buy a license, nonresidents under 16 need a copy of their hunter safety certificate or a copy of a previous hunting license issued to them from any other state.