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Sage Grouse

Season Dates: The sage grouse hunting season will remain closed in 2016. View the Greater Sage-Grouse Management Plan for South Dakota to obtain more information about how future hunting season recommendations will be developed.

The Greater Sage grouse are found in limited numbers on native sage-steppe habitat in northwestern South Dakota. They are a large, rounded-winged, ground-dwelling bird, up to 30 inches long and two feet tall, weighing from two to seven pounds. They have a long, pointed tail with legs feathered to the base of the toes. Females are a mottled brown, black, and white. Males are larger and have a large white ruff around their neck and bright yellow air sacks on their breasts, which they inflate during their mating display.

The sage grouse hunting season in South Dakota is very restrictive. In the past:

Because of the low number of sage grouse present in South Dakota, there is a sector of the public which believes an annual hunting season adds unnecessary mortality to an already distressed bird population. On the other hand, the restrictive 2-day season is looked upon as a trophy hunt to a small but avid group of grouse hunters. However, setting aside the social issues involved with a season, research suggests that a harvest of less then 10% of the annual fall population will not have a negative impact on the population, and most importantly the following spring breeding population.

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