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Sage Grouse Management

The goal for sage grouse management in South Dakota is to monitor and maintain a sage grouse population and habitats consistent with the ecological, social, and aesthetics values of South Dakota citizens while addressing the concerns and issues of both residents and visitors of South Dakota.

South Dakota Greater-Sage Grouse Management Plan

Objectives listed in the South Dakota Sage Grouse Management Plan include:


Nesting and Brood-Rearing Success and Resource Selection of Greater Sage-Grouse in Northwestern South Dakota.

Greater Sage Grouse on the Edge of Their Range: Leks and Surrounding Landscapes in the Dakota's

Nesting and Brood-Rearing Habitat Selection of Greater Sage-Grouse and Associated Survival of Hens and Broods at the Edge of Their Historic Distribution


Sage grouse distribution in western South Dakota. Counties with hash markings are those where leks have been identified and included in annual spring lek counts.

Sage Grouse Distribution

Number of active leks, males per active lek and total males counted on selected priority leks that have been counted each year 2005-2012.

Active Sage Grouse Leks

The average number of males/lek derived from lek counts conducted in Butte, Harding, and Fall River County from 1990 -2012 using the leks chosen as priority leks to be counted on an annual basis.



Historical harvest data of sage grouse in South Dakota.

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