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Check Application Status, Drawing Success

Whether you apply online or by mail, the licensing system allows you to check the status of your applications at any time, online. You can see which applications you have already submitted, and, if the drawing has been held, see if your were successful in drawing a license.

If you applied online, simply log in to your account at the applications website , and click on "View My Applications."

If you applied by mail and don't already have an online account, go to the applications website and select the button that says "New User" Follow the online instructions to create a user name and password, and if your personal information matches the information you submitted by mail, when you click on "View My Applications," you will be able to check your application status.

Consider applying online

When you apply online, your big game application is placed directly into the computer file where licenses are drawn and issued, without the delay or inconvenience of handling a paper application. If you are eligible for preference for a season it will be added automatically. And, it makes it easy to check the status of your application.