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Furbearer (Trapping) Licenses

Furbearer Licenses and their fees are listed below.
These licenses can be purchased online, or from many store locations.
License Privileges this license allows: Fee
Resident Furbearer

Trapping coyote, red and gray fox, skunk, raccoon, badger, bobcat, opossum, mink, weasel, beaver and muskrat. This license is also required to hunt bobcat, opossum, mink, weasel, beaver and muskrat. Muskrat may only be shot in specific areas - please consult the current Hunting Handbook. This license includes the privileges of the Predator/Varmint License.

No license is required for youth under 16 to hunt Predator/Varmints or trap Furbearers.

Nonresident Furbearer This license allows nonresidents to trap according to nonresident season requirements.Application required. Apply by mail only. $275

* Includes $2 agent fee

Fluorescent Orange

Big game licensees hunting with a firearm in SD must wear at least one exterior garment of fluorescent orange while hunting. Garments include hat, shirt, vest, jacket, coat or sweater. Turkey hunters do not need to wear fluorescent orange.


It is illegal to use an auto-loading or self-loading firearm capable of holding more than six cartridges or capable of being operated as a full automatic. Only soft point or expanding bullets are permitted.