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south dakota public Hunting Atlas

The South Dakota Public Hunting Atlas contains maps and information on South Dakota's Walk-In Areas, Game Production Areas (GPAs), Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs), some School Lands and some Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands. The atlas below comes out annually around the first part of August and is valid through May of the following year (through the spring turkey hunting season).

To request a hard copy be mailed to you, please email us, complete the online form or give us a call at 605.223.7660.

To view the online PDF version, click on the image below. View all atlas updates or changes (no longer open to public hunting, new Walk-In Area or new CREP area) that may have occurred since the time of publication.

The online flipbook version is coming shortly.

Hunters can also download either the GFP Android or iOS mobile app and receive atlas updates direct from their smartphone while they are in the field.

2011 Public Hunting Atlas Cover

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