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SD Cooperative Boat Wash Program

Boat and Trailer full of weeds image Wash your boat and trailer!

B.A.S.S./GFP Cooperative Boat and
Trailer Wash Program

To help STOP the spread of these species and fish diseases, wash your boat, disinfect your live well and remove all mud and aquatic plants and animals from all gear!

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks is teaming with the South Dakota B.A.S.S. Federation in an effort to prevent the further spread of aquatic nuisance species such as zebra mussels and Eurasian watermilfoil. The program encourages boaters (including those with personal watercraft) to wash their boats (including livewells and anyplace that may hold water) and trailers before launching them into South Dakota waters.

Who should wash their boat and trailer?

Everyone, but especially boaters who have had their boat/personal watercraft in waters outside of South Dakota in South Dakota waters known to contain aquatic nuisance species. The following list of B.A.S.S./GFP cooperating boat wash stations all provide the necessary space and high pressure hot wash necessary for you to rid your boat and trailer of any unwanted "hitchhikers."

Who should disinfect their live well?

Anyone who has had their boat in waters that are known to contain VHS in the Great Lakes region. Clean and disinfect live wells with a 10% household bleach solution (i.e, 1 1/2 cup household bleach to gallon of water). Since chlorine is toxic to fish, rinse live well to remove residual chlorine and drain it away from fish-bearing waters.


City Business Address
DeSmet Mr. Bill's Car Wash 109 4th St SW
Estelline Dale's Sinclair 402 State Ave
Ft. Pierre Shur Shine Car Wash Deadwood Ave
Hartford Sunnyside Carwash 201 E Hwy 38
Madison Super Wash 304 NE 2nd Street
Milbank Eastside Carwash E Hwy 12
Westside Truck and Car Wash 504 24th Ave
Mitchell Mega Wash 1905 N Main St
Mega Wash 800 E Kay Ave
Sportsman's Car Wash 601 E Spruce St
Pierre Super Car Wash 1100 N Garfield Ave
Truck-n-Car Wash 1513 E Wells Ave
Rapid City Arnie's Pressure Wash 3100 S Hwy 79
Parkway Car Wash 206 E Blvd N
Zaug Wash 612 Timmons Blvd
Redfield Appel Oil Company 833 W 3rd St
Sioux Falls Clean Finish Car Wash 515 S Sycamore Ave
Shop'n Cart Car Wash 4309 E 12th St
Superwash - 12th St 2000 W 12th St
Superwash - Marion Rd 801 S Marion Road
Wash World Car Wash 321 N Cliff Ave NE
Vermillion Henderson's Ultimate 821 Princeton St
Royal Car Wash 801 Stanford St
Watertown Cenex - C Store E Hwy 212
Super Wash 501 14th Ave NE
Westside Car Wash 715 3rd Ave NW
White River Gillen's Station Hwy 83 N 1st St
Yankton Classic Car Wash 600 W 23rd St
Facilities included in the B.A.S.S./GFP Cooperative Boat and Trailer Wash Program meet certain criteria, including:

If you are interested in the Boat Wash Program contact Game, Fish and Parks at 605.223.7706